Friday, June 22, 2007

Girl's Night Out!

Well, last night was a lot of fun. A couple of friends and myself went out for a much needed girls night. Some of the men in our ward have been gone all week to the Grand Canyon with the scouts, so many moms are very worn thin. We headed into Provo where we wandered the mall, window shopping and mostly just talking and enjoying each other's company. Later we went to Letherby's, a favorite ice cream parlor and ate yummy desserts. We were there for quite a while, talking, eating and of course I managed to spill chocolate sauce right in the mddle of my chest. Typicall! Afterwards we drove over to BYU campus and walked around a fun little garden they have there. Of course this lead to conversations about the flowers in our own yards, the weird names of some plants, etc. Then we walked over to the JSB, after yet another pit stop for those of us expecting, and looked at the paintings and the Joseph Smith Statue/garden. It was so peaceful and nice place to be able to enjoy the warm summer evening. Eventually we meandered back home. It was a very relaxed evening. Memorable moments were seeing two people squirt lotion up their noses while trying to smell them, and "It smells like Science."

Other than that we are packing up today for our trip to Santa Rosa. I am excited to see high school chums and family. Also, the weather will hopefully be not quite as hot as here. At least I know it won't be this dry.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I thought that I would join the wide world of Blog's since I enjoy reading all of yours so much. So here we go.
Not much to report on right now. We are getting ready to visit Santa Rosa to celebrate Darin's parent's 50th wedding anniversary. I'm not looking forward to the long drive, but everything else should be great. The beach, the redwoods, the family & friends. Violet and Ashton finished up swimming lessons last week. I think that they had a good time. It was a lot of review for Vi, and a lot of new stuff for Ashton since it was his first time. I did a mommy and me class with him. He struggled the first few days, but did a lot better as class wore on. I suppose that is about all for now. We will see if this thing even works!