Friday, August 31, 2007

Hot Potato

I don't know what the deal is with my kids and their feet. This afternoon we went to the park like we usually do on Fridays to have a picnic and play. This weekend is the Golden Onion Days in Payson. So at the park there are people setting up booths, carnival rides, etc. The kids were playing on the playground while I sat at a nearby picnic table with a friend. Someone who is setting up a booth pulls his truck and trailer right between us and the play ground. Now we can't see the kids. We sat and waited for about one minute, thinking he would unhitch and move, but no. So we relocated to another picnic table (in the sun). This involved picking up everyone's lunches, keys, diaper bags etc.

Once settled I look to the play ground and cannot see Ashton. So I get up and go check inside slides, and places I can't see as well from the side I was sitting on. He is no where to be found. So I start scanning the rest of the park. Usually it is just grass and trees, but because of the carnival, there are rides set up all over the grass. I finally hear a child screaming and sure enough it is Ashton. In the maybe 3 minutes that have passed, he took off towards one of the rides. Walked up the ramp to it, lost one shoe and was screaming as the scorching metal burned the bottom of his foot. I think the ride was one of those you sit in little round chair things and spin around like the tea cups at Disney Land.

When I saw him, of course I ran (FYI try to avoid this as much as possible when 34 weeks pregnant!) over to him, and then had to lug him back. An extra 30 lbs. Yikes! You would think I'd be ripped with arms of steal, but no! Now, his burns, so far, don't look as bad as Violet's when she burned them on black top. He is still in pain, and I hope he'll be able to walk on his own two feet soon. Curse these stairs! I wanted to go over to the guy with his truck and punch him in the face! Grrrr.

On a positive note, I'm pretty sure he will have to take a break from his climbing and getting into mischief. Also, Darin has a day off on Monday! Yippie! Plus my house smells wonderful because there are 5 boxes of peaches in it. Only 2 are ours, which we will be canning soon. I must admit I've eaten a bunch already, they are soooooo good. They were picked yesterday. Gotta love fresh produce.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ashton's so Cute!

We went and had Ashton's two year pictures done today. He wasn't thrilled to be there, but once we got rolling, he really got into it and we got some cute pictures! I'm so glad! He had a total melt down afterwards, but I got my pictures! Here are a couple of them.

I must say, I have the cutest little boy ever! He followed directions so well. I was amazed. Violet was bummed she didn't get to be in any of the shots, but I assured her she would get to be the next time we take pictures. Once Myra is here. Other than this, I am just trying to survive the next few weeks until I will no longer be pregnant. it would be so bad if it wasn't in the high 90's again! UGhhhhhh! The heat! I have a huge list of things I want to try and get done before October. I don't seem to be making much progress. Such is life. I need to go and get Ashton boy up from his nap.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday's Child is....

Ok, well now hopefully it is official that Myra will be born on the 4th of October. I called and talked to the lady that does the scheduling with the hospital and she said we were all set fort he 4th. Hopefully this isn't some type of queer mix-up again. We will see if this time is for real.

I was thinking how interesting it is that all of my children (so far....) have been born on a different day of the week. I wonder how try the nursery rhyme is:

Monday's child is fair of face,Tuesday's child is full of grace;Wednesday's
child is full of woe,Thursday's child has far to go;Friday's child is loving
and giving, Saturday's child works hard for its living;But the child that is
born on the Sabbath day Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

So, lets see Elaine was born on a Friday night.....definitely loving and giving! Violet was born on a Monday morning. She is beautiful, but lets face it, of course she was going to be. I mean, just look at her parents! :) Ashton was born on a Wednesday, like me. I don't quite know how I feel about being full of woe. The definition is not very promising. In fact it makes me down right depressed!
n. Deep distress or misery, as from grief; wretchedness. See Synonyms at regret.
calamity: economic and political woes.

That explains a lot about my life.....poor Ashton! And, as long as all goes as planned, Myra will be here on a Thursday. So she has far to go. I'm not sure if that implies she starts out behind and has farther to go to catch up to the rest, or that she is going places! I'm hoping for the latter! Darin was born on a Sunday. He is bonny. He is blithe. Sometimes he's good j/k. He is good! And he is happy/gay. I find it intriguing that part of the definition of blithe is: without thought or regard; carefree; heedless. I guess nothing more needs to be said about that!

I am counting down the days until the baby is born. Even though the weather has cooled immensely, I am still HOT! I can hardly sleep at night. I am praying we get more cold nights so I can open my windows. Now if I can only figure out a way to get my kids to sleep in.....Ha, like that's going to happen. I am also extremely guilty of not wanting to cook dinners. Nothing I have to make sounds any good. All I want is to eat out so I don't' have to fix it. I swear I am always hungry. I can't remember if I was this bad with the other pregnancies, I probably was. I avoid going outside as much as possible. As soon as I am feeling like I want to go out aka- after the baby is born, it will probably be to stinkin' cold! Curse this Utah weather!

Welcome back to BYU - Chris our nephew. We look forward to seeing more of you!
Happy Birthday tomorrow to Jaylyn! You are finally 18!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Cake

Here is a picture of Ashton's Turtle Cake. He was so excited when he saw it, he wanted to eat it for breakfast. The two holes at the bottom are where the candles were.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.....

Have you ever had one of those days where you want to find a place to hide so nothing else can go wrong? That is how I felt this morning. reader be aware that some of this post is going to be me venting and possibly being a little hormonal......

I had my Dr.'s appointment, finally get in to see him after waiting like 45 minutes, which is typical and he looks at my chart and it looks like we still need to schedule your C-section. I was totally shocked since at my last appointment he assured me it had been taken care of, signatures were on the chart etc. etc.. So apparently he was looking at the nurse's signature from the ULTRASOUND and not for scheduling my c-section. So we go check his "big calender" and of course someone else has already been scheduled for that day. I was and still am so ticked off at him since I reminded him last appointment and he screwed up, again. So he says to me, if you want to deliver at another hospital (which would be an additional 20 minutes away = 40+ minutes from my house) I can do it that day since that is where the other delivery is taking place. I told him, I've had all my others at UVRMC, I know the hospital and it is closer to my house. Why should I be inconvenienced because he assumed things were done and weren't? I reminded him that I've made plans aka Darin's taken time off, plans for my mom, scheduling things with my calling blah blah. So Basically, now I have no idea when I am having this baby. The girl that does h is scheduling is out of town until NEXT WEEK, and apparently he can't do anything himself. If I end up having to go a week later = full term, I will NOT be happy. Due to the Dr.s office, I've already had one kid past my due date and she was nearly 9 and 1/2 lbs. I really don't want to do that again. So who knows what is going to happen. If anyone wants to change their predictions on the baby game here is the link.

The game name is: number4 . (Don't put a space between the word number and the 4.)
Grrrrrrrrrr - it was so nice having everything planned and now it's shot.

OK, so my day gets even better. I get in the van, I'm upset, hormones making me cry blah, calling a couple people to vent, etc. I am meeting some friends for lunch later. We go to the cemetery for a while. Ok, nice kids get their shoes all muddy, whatever. We go to get lunch at Sensuous Sandwiches - one of my favorite places. The only thing I wish is that they had a drive through. So I get the kids' shoes back on, take them in and order sandwiches, wait for the order. Ashton starts wigging out once I get the food because he want to eat immediately. I have to wrestle him back into the stroller which he some how managed to get out of, carry my drink and all the food (Vi tried to help but ended up squashing my sandwich), push the stroller and get back to the car. Put the screaming boy into the van, Vi gets in and I get all settled to go have lunch at the park. Put my keys in the ignition, turn them and oh nice, nothing happens. My van is completely dead. I think I just sat there for like 2 minutes and cried. Violet was so cute. She says, "Mommy why are you crying? It's ok, you didn't break it!"

Thank goodness I knew that my friend's husband was "working from home" for the next week or so, and that's where we were headed. I called him and he came and picked me and the kids up. Since my kids were ornery and hungry and I didn't feel like dealing with the car at the moment. We left it in the parking lot for the afternoon. The kids all had lunch. My friend and I played some games. Darin is working late tonight so I knew he wouldn't be able to help much until later. While we were over at their house, Ashton decided to see what the inside of a glo stick tasted like. EWwwwww. his clothes are now spotted with glow int he dark stuff. The package said it wasn't harmful...He has had a bit of diarrhea though. So, we cleaned him up and made him drink milk. BTW he says not to try it because it is nasty.

When Aaron had a break from what he was working on he went back to check on my car. He was such a life savor!! Thank you thank you Thank you!! He cleaned off my battery which was corroded, disconnected it and reconnected it and it worked. Once we got it back, and car seats back in, I didn't turn it off until I got home, just in case. I'm thankful I didn't have to have it towed somewhere and spend a bunch of money on it, since we are still paying for the last couple of times it was in the shop. So, we had a nice long visit over there, but it was fun - except the glo stick incident. I am thankful for such good friends who could help me out when I needed it. Thanks guys! Hopefully the evening goes ok. The kids are hungry and tired, especially Ashton since he didn't get a nap, had shots yesterday, has a diaper rash and ate glo. I almost didn't dare turn on my computer for fear it would burst into flames or something.

So, I know my day could have been a lot worse, but when you are pregnant and a pessimist, this is about all you can take! Unfortunately I've also been having back pain, and for the first time in a pregnancy, tailbone pain. I am just exhausted. I think I'll plan on going to bed the same time as the kids tonight! Ha Ha. I hope everyone else's day was delightful and full of pleasant experiences. Sorry for all the complaining, but that is life!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 year well baby check...

Not that this is very interesting to most of you, but such is the life of a mommy. Ashton had his 2 year check up today. He weighed in at 29 lbs (72%) and is 33" (10%). Basically he is short and stalky. He did really well with his shot and is all ready for Kindergarten now. Well, shot wise anyway. He also has a yeast/bacterial diaper rash so we got some cream for that. It sure is red and painful. The Dr. was very impressed with his vocabulary and "long" sentences. 2 word sentences is the average for 2 year old boys, and Ashton sometimes uses 5+ I'd say he is doing fine. :) Overall an uneventful appointment, which is good. Ashton's favorite part was sticking out his tongue. I have my Dr. Appointment tomorrow. I'm going every other week now and can hardly believe I only have 6 weeks until she is born! Yay! No if I can only get everything done that I'd like too.....

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Ashton had his 2nd birthday yesterday. We had a crazy, busy day. In the morning we attended the baptism of a friend and his three cousins. It was a little hectic since I was there by myself with the kids, and trying to conduct the music. AGHHH!! Violet like being able to watch the baptisms and confirmations and kind of know what was going on. Then we had lunch with our friends and their family. It was fun for the kids to get to play, and I enjoyed visiting.

Then it was a rush home so I could run errands and get ready for Ashton's little party. I made him a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake. Thanks for lending me the pan Deann! The cake didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it, but it tasted good! Ashton was thrilled. My Aunt Donna happened to be in town and was able to stop by for the afternoon. My friend and her four kids, and Ashton's friend from down the street came over. The kids played, Ashton opened his gifts and we ate cake and ice cream. Nothing too exciting, but it was fun.

The kids all had fun playing with the new toys and just being together. Donna was able to stay and have dinner with us before heading to Idaho. We had a nice visit with her. Ashton chose pizza for his birthday dinner, which worked well with the whole Ninja Turtle thing. Ashton was so cute because he would say, "My Birthday!" all day. I think he finally has it down that he is two. He kept saying three for some reason. He can't master holding two fingers up yet, so he just holds up all five! I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can.

Today was our Primary's quarterly activity. It was a water themed activity with lots of games, water balloons and sno cones. The kids all had a good time. Ashton was hilarious when he would pop a balloon in his own face. The kids were drenched by the time we were through. It wasn't too hot either, which was nice!

I am definitely feeling like I am in the last trimester now. All the aches and pains. It is hard to sleep, my hips give me issues and so on and so forth. the heat is waining, so that has helped some. I'm anxious for the 4th of October, but feel like I still have so much to get done before I feel ready - like that ever happens!

Happy 4th Birthday today, to Kira! And congrats to my friend Michelle and her husband Roy who found out they will be having a baby girl in January. SueZann & Jeremy set a date for their wedding - June 3rd!!! I'm so excited! And Happy Early Anniversary to the Bishop's. Oh and I had a fun talk with my college friend Steven. He has a new job and he and his family are moving to St. George. Yea for them. Plus they are expecting girl #2 in November!

Monday, August 13, 2007

7 years ago.....

I cannot believe that it has been 7 years since Darin and I were married! Whoa! We celebrated our Anniversary on Sunday. It was your typical Sunday with church and meetings, etc. Saturday we went out to dinner at Famous Dave's off Union Park Blvd with our friends Aaron and Mandy. It was really yummy BBQ style food. We saw Becky and Alex there, so that was fun. Did you guys enjoy your evening out with your ward friends?

After stuffing our selves with food, we headed to Murry for a show at The Desert Star. The show was Less Miserable - a take on Les Miserables. It was pretty funny. They had a Princess Olio which was good too. We had ice cream and treats at the show. So, at the Desert Star there is a lot of audience interaction during the show, and afterwards. After the Show and before the Olio the actors and the audience sing to and embarrass anyone having a birthday. Then people from out of town and then people celebrating anniversaries. funny thing was out of the 4 couples celebrating anniversaries, most of us met in a single's ward. We got to dance while everyone sang, "let me call you sweetheart" and then kiss. Ahhhh How cute!

Another funny thing was that they gave Darin a hard time about wearing a tie. It is mostly hilarious because every time we go to Desert Star, Aaron gets after Darin for being "so dressed up" and making him look bad. So it was funny that the actors thought he was over dressed too. Then we played some games and went home to relieve the babysitter.

We had a fun evening and have enjoyed most of our 7 years together. We have been through a lot and hopefully that has only helped us be closer. Obviously our relationship isn't perfect, (whose is?) but we try. Darin, I love you. Thanks for being my ESM and for loving me! Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crazy Kids

We were in the backyard a couple of evenings ago and the kids, mostly Violet, decided it would be funny to cover themselves with purple chalk. Here are pictures of my "Purple People Eaters." Baths that night were a colorful experience!
This is our "Violet, your turning violet, Violet!" picture.
Also, Happy 20th Birthday to my sister -in- law Renee. 20 years old today! :)
We had our annual Relief Society breakfast today. I ate way too much yummy food. I enjoyed getting to know the sisters in my ward better and working on humanitarian projects.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

10 - 4 Good buddy!

I had the last of my monthly Dr. appointments today. I get to go every other week now. I can hardly believe I am 31 weeks already! Nothing out of the ordinary happened at the Dr.'s today, but I thought I would share anyway.

First of all, I think that it was the quickest prenatal appointment I've ever had. I was in and out in under 30 minutes! That was a nice change! As expected I'd gained a few pound since my last time in.....I'd worry if I hadn't! When we listened to Myra's heart beat (by the way, that is her name. Myra Joanne) she also had the hiccups, so that was fun to hear. Violet and Ashton thought it was hilarious.

We talked a little bit about the umbilical cord blood collection we will be doing for donation. And got all scheduled with the hospital. It is official now. The 4th of October (which is a Thursday, haven't had one on a thursday yet!) we will go in and she will be born via c-section. Part of me wants her to hurry up and get here, while the other part of me thinks about how quickly it has gone by already.

I started pulling out some baby clothes and getting them put away in Ashton's closet. I was surprised how emotional I got. I had to stop part way through. Even though Violet and Ashton (for the unisex ones) also wore the clothes, they just brought back a lot of memories of Elaine. It's strange she hasn't been here for three years. I should have a kid starting 1st grade. I've been changing diapers for over 6 years straight! I think it will be another couple of days until I'm ready to finish getting things out.

If anyone wants more information about cord blood donation/storage, or has questions, please feel free to email me or leave a comment and I'd love to talk more about the subject! Have a great day everyone!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Festival of Trees

I just thought I'd add a brief reminder that the festival of trees will be coming up in a few short months. We are doing a Care Bear tree in Elaine's memory this year. So we are in the process of collecting anything (new and used) Care Bear. Ornaments will obviously be the easiest to put on the tree. I think we will probably put plush bears on it too, and around the bottom. I found some really cute things on sale and around lately. If anyone would like to donate or participate all proceeds go to benefit the children at Primary Children's Hospital and are tax deductible. If you live in the area and are interested in helping us set up or visiting the Festival, their website is http://http// . It is a great cause and our tree last year raised one of the highest amounts for the hospital. I will try and get a picture of it to post. Here is a picture of the Buzz Lightyear Tree that we did in 2004.

You can contribute to the cause in many ways. My Grandma Crook has been crocheting Christmas stockings that are in the shape of mittens with the cutest snowmen on them. These will be sold at the festival in their craft boutique and again, all proceeds go to the hospital. Thank you Grandma!