Monday, September 24, 2007

Holy Hail!

When I woke up this morning it was nice and grey outside. It was nice for a change of pace. The mountains look like someone took a large sifter and dusted the tops with powdered sugar. Only I know what looks like sugar is actually snow! It is barely fall, and there is already snow. Leave it to Utah to jump from summer to Winter in one week! I was out running errands and as of noon it was only 49 degrees. Weird!

While I was out and about there was the typical rain. Super dark clouds! The rain slowly turned to slush, and then huge balls of hail! The kids liked it for about two seconds and then wanted to be brought in ASAP. I guess we wont be needing to water the lawn any longer!

I also wanted to post this poem that my cousin wrote about our great grandparents. It sure brings back a lot of memories! There are a coupl of pics, but I can't get them to work....


Conglomerate rock house upon the hill
Humble hut that is built by his hand
Unpretentious orchard supplies the meal
Panoramic scene of a cultivated land

Fat, short, and bald he waits within abode
Promenading to Rocket Park we go
Taught us ironic poetry as we strode.
Mode of rotating work and play he’d show.

Soft, calm and wise his companion is she
Gathering acorns down a creek bed trail
Her hands stitch a quilt out under tall tree.
Keeps and arranges in books all her mail.

Modest home becomes lonely for Grandma
Visits with flowers to grave of Grandpa.

Jennie Smith