Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The smell of fresh paint....

That is pretty much what the upstairs portion of my house smells like. Mainly just the east side. Since we had so many problems with Ashton and the dresser & changing table, we had to do a little revamping. Ashton was moved into Vi's room and Vi into Ashton's, so she can share with Myra. We decided to paint the room. Violet wanted pink and yellow stripes at first, then half pink half yellow. We compromised and this is what she got.

Sorry the quality isn't that great, but you know how it goes. The lump in the bed is Vi. She was asleep when we took the pictures.

We will eventually put up a border between the Stripes and the pink. Probably princesses or something. The room is a little crowded, but I think this will work out much better! It was a lot of work! Darin did an amazing job. He got all of the painting finished in only 3 days! We moved furniture on the 4th. For the few nights he was painting, Vi & Ashton bunked together. That was interesting to say the least. Now Ashton's room is pretty bare, but the just means he can't tear it apart.
It's a good thing the walls are a neutral color. A boy can have a yellow room. We need to get him some boyish wall hangings and such. It took a few days to get everything reorganized, hung and in place. There are still a couple minor things to do, but the hard past is over!!! I'm thankful Darin got this project done quickly, since time was running out! We now have the changing table in our room, along with the cradle. We will also have the recliner up there for me to sleep in for the first few days home from the hospital. Getting in and out of bed is a big pain (literally) after a c-section. I found the base to the car seat! Now I just need to clean it and get it installed int he van. I think I'll save that task for when my parents are here.
Today it has warmed up a little, which is nice. the kids were playing in the back yard and I was trying to read a book. Well, enjoy the pictures of Violet and Myra's room.
I had to come back and add the best part of the whole deal. So there were large door stops on the wall. We took it off to paint, and as expected a huge hole in the wall. Darin patched it up and painted. When we were taking the tape off, I said that he needed to put the door stop back on. He picks it up to remount it, and WHAM! Ashton came running into the room, slamming open the door, and yes, creating a brand new hole. So much for that repair!


Becky said...

So cute! I LOVE stripes -- they are a pain to do, but so cute. We have stripes in our living room that I totally love. Sounds like you're in the nesting phase! So much to do, so little time. Good luck getting everything done!