Tuesday, October 30, 2007


It is Halloween tomorrow! My kids are excited. Here is a picture of the pumpkin that my brother carved. He just called as the Sunday School President in his ward. And he is still a counselor in the Elders Quorum. Renee is a ward organist, and a newly called Relief Society Secretary. It's a good thing they weren't busy before with their jobs and school! Ha Ha.
When Darin got home from work, we ate dinner, and then Violet got to carve her pumpkin. I know we are a little late on doing this, but at least it got dome before tomorrow! She helped gut the pumpkin. She drew the face all by her self and had her dad carve it for her. It turned out really nice. Ashton thinks it is SPOOKY!

So, my friend stopped by to see the baby and her daughter wanted to go play with Vi. We sent her upstairs, and she said she couldn't find her. I went up to find Vi asleep in her bed. This is the first time in YEARS that Violet has taken a nap. Ashton didn't, but Vi will be rested! In other news, Myra is my only child who, so far, likes "tummy time." She happily lays on her belly and looks around for about 5 minutes. Then she lays her head down, tried to cuddle with the blanket and goes to sleep. It's the funniest thing when you are used to kids screaming at the top of their lungs. It just goes to prove that every child is completely different. We compared Myra's foot prints to Ashton's when he was born, and hers are longer and skinnier. She has long monkey toes, unlike the rest of our kids' toes. It is fun to notice all of these differences!

We want to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to the Stephen and Tina Bartholomew family. They had their baby boy early this morning. His name is Stephen Maximus. (I'm not positive on the spelling.) He is 7 lbs. 7 oz and 21 inches. Tina was able to VBAC and is doing well. Both are healthy. Tina says he doesn't look much like his sister, he has hair and a smashed nose. :) We plan on visiting this weekend and will give a more detailed description. Congrats!! I hope Josi likes her new baby brother!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Boo at the Zoo

Things have been pretty busy here. It is hard to find time to write. I think about it in the evening once the kids - except Myra - are in bed, but am usually too tired at that point! Things are still going well. Violet and Ashton just get a lot of play time to themselves while I am taking care of Myra and "trying" to keep up on chores. Plus I'm busy in spare moments trying to get things together for Intermountain Healing Hearts and our Sacrament Meeting Program for Primary. This is in two weeks. My baby is 3 weeks old and the president's baby is only 1 week old. This has added a nice twist to Primary dynamics!

Saturday we went to the Hogle Zoo for their annual Boo at the Zoo day. Holy tons of people!!! We had to park about a half mile or so away in a residential neighborhood. Insane! The lines for candy were long, and I - 215 was shut down so we had to find an alternate route there. The kids were excited to be in their costumes and it gave Ashton some practice saying Trick or Treat. on the we to the Zoo, Vi broke her brand new wand that went with her "Glenda the Good Witch" costume. Grrrrr.

We had a lot of fun visiting with our friends that we met up with. The weather was great. Not too warm, no clouds and sunshine. Myra didn't have a costume and hung out in her car seat. Violet and Brinley walked around together. They held hands and lolly gagged. It was cute. I think the kids had the most fun at the end when they got to run around and play on all of the play equipment. We even got to see a few of the animals! ;) I'll have to post a picture later of the kids with the giant cow from Chik - Fil - A.

When Ashton saw the Kangaroo he said, "Dad a mouse. A big mouse." Darin could not convince him that it was called a Kangaroo. Violet's favorite animal was the cougar. It was her favorite because she likes to hear stories about how Grandma & Grandpa used to have one for a pet. She thinks that would be the best pet ever! Thanks for going to the Zoo with us guys!
Happy Birthday to my Aunt Sharon today!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hey Diddle Diddle

Not a whole lot going on here. Just taking care of kids, and trying my best not to go anywhere with all three! Myra is starting to stay awake a little more each day. Babies are so much fun to hold and cuddle! She has been sleep pretty well. Last night she only got up 3 times. That's still every 2 or three hours, but I'll take what I can get.

Vi is currently watching the Wizard of Oz. Ashton is "napping." (I think he may actually be asleep today!) And Myra is in her swing hiccuping. She does that a lot, just like she did when I was pregnant with her.

So the other day I had to get up from dinner to go and change Myra's diaper because she was screaming. When I got back into the kitchen, Vi and Ashton had spit their taco soup all over each other. It was a disgusting mess and mom was not happy about it! Like I said, not much going on, just working on Primary stuff and Intermountain Healing Hearts stuff. Have a good day everyone!

Condolences to the Gozart's who have their son's funeral today. We wish we could be there to support you!

Happy Birthday to our great niece Mckenzie & to Jan Canfield. They are both celebrating their birthday's on Saturday.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I will Survive!

For the most part, I am able to survive being at home with three kids. Myra will nap - during the day so I can get a few things done. Nighttime is a different story! As long as I don't EVER have to say, go to the store or go anywhere that involves taking the kids out of the van, I am good. Maybe they will even be able to play outside once Ashton gets up from his "nap".

We had about 3 inches of snow on Sunday. It has all melted, much to Violet's dismay. I didn't enjoy cleaning it off of the car Sunday morning so I could go to the leadership meeting for ward conference. Stay away snow!!! As long as possible!

Everyday is an adventure. I haven't quite gotten "back into the swing of things." I am always behind on the laundry, or cleaning.....but I have a darling little baby and two other children here to enjoy. Maybe one of these days I'll actually make a real diner. Who knows. I spent a large part of this morning vacuuming. I don't know when I've seen such a mess. I accidentally left the box of rice crispies on the table this morning. I'm sure you can guess what happened. Yes, Ashton decided to pour himself another bowl, AKA the entire box! Then he dumped it all onto the floor. Luckily I had been smart enough not to leave out the milk! I could vacuum it all away! It was a huge mess though! Something to keep me busy every day!

Happy Late Birthday to Carolyn! Thanks for all of your hard work with IHH!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Myra's First Bath

Well, Myra has had a busy week. I had my 2 week post c-section check up. Everything is looking good and healing up well. I was tired after our excursion. I was able to leave Ashton & Violet at a friends house, and only took Myra with me. Hurray! Myra had her first blow out on the way to the Dr.'s. We got to have lunch with Darin that day also, it was nice.

Thursday Myra also had her first bath at home. She didn't really enjoy it, surprise surprise. When she screams, she turns BRIGHT RED! Hence her color in the pictures. Her skin is very flaky now, and her hair is fuzzy and cute. Plus babies always smell soooo good after their baths. Myra has been pretty good at night. She sleeps usually 2-3 hour shifts. Once in a great while she'll sleep for 5 hours. It is starting to catch up with me.....Yawn.

Myra also had her 2 week check up with the pediatrician. Her jaundice was gone after about a week. She weighed 8 lbs 2 oz - over her birth weight - so she doesn't need to be seen again until she is 2 months. I had the nurse check her Oxygen Saturation - for my peace of mind to make sure her heart is functioning well. Seems to be good. :)

My parents left this morning to return home. It was so great having them out to visit. We really appreciated all their help. The kids had so much fun with their grandparents. I liked not having to cook very much!
I just want to say Happy Birthday to my Aunt Susan, friend Cazra & friend Frances who are all celebrating their Birthday's today. And a big Congratulations to the Rudd family who had their baby girl on Thursday. Her name is Rose Elena and she was 7 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches. She is a cutie patootie!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jack Passed

Our little Heart friend, Jack, passed away yesterday. I would appreciate everyone's prayers for the family at this time. They will need all they can get. No words can express our heartache for them and the loss of their baby boy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All by myself!

Today has been the true test to see if I can handle three kids at home, all by my self. My parents have a training in Orem 8am -6pm for the next 3 days, and Darin is back at work. Overall things haven't been going too badly. Breakfast was a little hairy. All three kids were hungry at the same time. So I was trying to get food for Vi & Ashton with one arm, while holding Myra in the other. We ended up with a cup of milk all over the counter and floor, a bowl of oatmeal, face down on the floor, and at lunch, a cup of peaches all over the chair. Whew, that was a lot of food mess. The peaches were especially sticky.

I was able to play some Candy Land with Vi before Myra woke up. Ashton didn't take a nap, surprise, surprise. Sometimes I don't know how Myra sleeps through some of the noise, but she does. She had a pretty good night. Slept for 3 hours in her swing & two hours in her cradle. Then she was in my bed for the last few hours. Not bad. Dinner is in the crock pot = thanks Mom! Hopefully I can last the rest of the afternoon. Everyone should be home by 7pm. I might survive this after all!

Congrats to our heart friend Kaidence, who was listed on UNOS today for her new heart. We hope the pager goes off soon!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Babies! And A Monkey!

Not much to report on here. Just trying to keep up on the day to day things, like dishes, laundry and of course....sleep! I stayed home from church with Myra yesterday and actually got to take a little nap. That was great. Darin had to go back to work today. Bummer. It was nice having him home. Myra is a cute little baby. Ashton like to hold her and pet her soft hair.

While Darin was home, he and the kids decided to climb our tree in the back yard. Here are a few pictures of my monkeys.
I had some pictures with Darin in them, but I don't know where they got put. I couldn't stay out and watch them play because it made me too nervous. Especially since Ashton is only two!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Week Later!

Myra & Vi
Myra coming home
Myra is one week old. The time has flown by! I am bummed that Darin will have to return to work. It has been so nice having him home to play with the kids, and catch up on chores. Plus, I got help during the night with diapers!

Myra is starting to be awake more during the day. She wants to be awake from about midnight until 2 am. Then she will sleep pretty well. Her umbilical cord fell of yesterday. It looks like we may have another outie on our hands. it's good that it is off because Ashton was always so concerned about Myra's owie.

Darin has been reading the Chronicles of Narnia books to Violet at bed time. Last night they finished A Horse and His Boy. All morning Violet has been talking about how she and her dad are going to Narnia today. So they are off on a Narnia. I hope she has fun. They will begin Prince Caspian tonight.

We are still having Myra's Billiruben tested every other day, since her levels were a little high. Hopefully today will be the last check. Darin and I get to run errands while we are out and about.

Vi & Ashton being silly

Happy Late Birthday to Savanna, my cousin, who turned 6 yesterday!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The results are in...

So, the results are in on the Expectnet game. And the winner is.........................
CADIE ANDREW!! Good job Cadie! Runner up was Cindy Freebairn, and coming in third was ME! What a surprise. It wasn't really close. Cadie won by a large margin. If you want to see where you placed, just click on the link to the left.

Well, we have been surviving at home so far. Myra likes to sleep in her swing. I figure it is a safe place where she wont get malled! Violet has been a real big helper. Ashton is still unsure about the baby, but is gentle with her, and likes to pet her head.

The weather is nice and warm today. We are letting the kids play outside as much as possible. Soon enough it will be too cold. Violet has a pretend Parrot that is asking everyone in the house questions. It is cute. I'm able to go a little longer without drugs. Sleeping, well getting in and out of bed, is still the most painful thing.

My dad and I kick butt at Sequence.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


She is here! Myra Joanne arrived at 7:21 am on Oct. 4th. She was 7 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long. So she is our second tallest (Ashton was 19 1/2 inches) and the second smallest (Elaine was 6 lbs 1 oz - at 4 weeks early.) Sorry it has taken me a while to post, but I am still in the Internet. Things went well and we are both doing good. Here are some pictures of her. She has chubby cheeks and dark hair. We think she is a combo of mom and dad - but leaning more towards mom.

Ashton was not too impressed with her the first day, only caring about missing mom. Each day he pays more attention to her. The kids are having fun with their grandparents. Ashton held her briefly today. Vi is excited to show Myra the room they share.

I spent a long day on Thursday trying to get my blood pressure up. It was really low and I was a little disoriented because of it. I had a more difficult time even holding Myra. She is a lot of fun. Opening her eyes more and more each day. Why are babies' schedules always backwards? She is eating good and all of that. I am feeling pretty good considering everything. I definitely have to remember my drugs though! Ouchie!

Thanks to everyone who has and will help out the family with dinners and such. Thank you also to our friends and family who visited us at the hospital. We are glad she is here!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Shoplifter at Wally World

So, a quick little story before tomorrow, since it is funny and will be forgotten in all the excitement. My dad and I were at Wal-Mart. We were waiting in line at the self checkout, behind the slowest guy on the planet. The woman at the register next to us took something up to the employee and asked her if she needed to take something back to the isle herself if she didn't want it, or if she could leave it with the employee.

So the employee was distracted and meanwhile the woman walked out the door with her cart of food. The next person who came to use the self check out was confused because it was still on the Finish & Pay screen. Putting two and two together, we all realized that the previous woman had left, without paying.

Once we were done with our purchase (which took forever due to fault equipment. GRrrrrrr.) we were leaving and talking and laughing about if they caught the woman or not. Then we saw the shopping cart full of her stuff...a door opened and there she was with security. It was pretty amusing to watch for some reason. We had a good chuckle!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

I got a phone call this morning from the hospital, confirming my scheduled C-section! Hip Hip, Hooray! I have a bunch of things to try and get done today. We will see how much of it I can do. We have to be there bright and early, 5am. not looking forward to that. It is supposed to snow again in the valley this weekend. Yuck. Myra is ready to get outa the tummy and break free. She can't move around much anymore. When she is painful!
Happy Belated Birthday to my friend Aubrey.

We should have pictures up tomorrow...sometime. No guarantees since it won't be me posting, but Darin. Have a Happy Day!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


When we woke up this morning, we had no water! AGHHHHHH! Darin was not thrilled about having to go to work without a shower. After trying several city phone numbers, I got a "real person" who informed me that our water main had broke in the wee hours of the morning and was being repaired. Their estimated time of repair was noon. Thankfully they were finished closer to 10, so we didn't have to suffer too long. Vi was confused about why she couldn't flush the toilets.

Well, it looks like after tomorrow we will have our baby! I keep having nightmares that I'll not receive a phone call on Wednesday night from the hospital. That there has been some horrible mistake and things aren't really scheduled as they should be. It is supposed to snow again this weekend, but I won't have to deal with that! It has been nice having my parents here to help out with the kiddos. Plus it is always good to visit with them. I better get dinner finished!

Monday, October 1, 2007

New Survey

I've added a quick little survey on the post. There are only a couple of days to vote. You can choose more than one answer, like dark hair and chubby (that would be what Vi was like). Anyway, Have fun!