Monday, November 5, 2007

Blood & Teeth

Sometimes you have to wonder...What is up with my kid! On Sunday, Violet says she has a treasure in her purse that she got in one of her candies the other day. I'm thinking...I don't know of any candy that have "toy prizes" inside. So I ask her to show it to me. She takes everything out of her little purse (papers, blocks, doll clothes, dead flowers) and something silver. She says this is her treasure. She puts it in my hand, and that's right, you guessed it, it is her crown. Not the new one, thank goodness, but the one we thought she had swallowed! What the heck! So I guess she was eating a chewy candy, a Now and Later I think, and basically it pulled off her crown. Only she didn't know it was her crown and thought it was some silver treasure that was inside the candy. What a find! So now we have an extra "tooth" in our house. Too bad they are rather costly! I guess we have a spare now....

On the way home from visiting teaching this morning, Ashton says he has boogers. I turn and look at him, and of course find not green slime, but blood all over his face. GRRRR. So we get home and try and clean him up, but he keeps making it worse by blowing his nose and spraying blood all over. I about gagged when he started licking the blood off his had and saying, Oh, Yum! Gross! It finally stopped, but I am reluctant to leave him alone for fear it will start up again. My favorite part of these two events, is the fact that Violet was showing her primary class her treasure.....Her teacher, whom I happen to visit teach, asked me today why Violet had a tooth in her bag at church. I had nothing to say except, I have no idea!

I got my piano tuned today. When the tuner left, he said it will be a lot more fun to play now. He sure was right!