Sunday, November 18, 2007

Halloween in November

We had a fairly busy weekend. Our friend Gerran came over and played games on Friday. It was fun, even if I lost! :) Saturday we did a bunch of work around the house and then went into Provo. I go to help my friend Deann put highlights in her hair. She looked like Medusa for a while, but once we got the hang of things, it went well. It didn't turn out half bad either. I think that it looks great. Now the test id to see if her husband will notice when he sees her next week.

Deann amazes me. He husband works out of state and only gets to come home on the weekends. Depending on where he is, not even every weekend. I would go completely insane! I don't know how she holds it together, taking care of her 10, 8, 6 and 1 year old's all on her own. You are a Wonder Woman, Deann!

After the hair stuff we went to the Brady's for Joshua's Birthday. He wanted to have a Halloween Party, so the kids were in costume. They bobbed for apples, turned the dad's into mummy's and made creepy hands with popcorn. It was a fun party. Violet decided to go in her Butterfly costume and Ashton was Sully. Jaylyn is also here for a quick visit. She has to leave tonight to work, and will drive back on Tuesday so she can come with us for Thanksgiving. It will be fun having her with us. Vi & Ashton were so excited to see her this morning!

Congrats to Steven & Sara Sullivan who had their baby daughter Ruby this week! Happy Birthday to Sariah Croft who turned one!