Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope that everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. My kids forgot for the most part that it was Halloween yesterday. I'm glad for the fact I didn't have them bugging me all day about it. Violet went with a friend to the Halloween parade at the elementary school. She had fun seeing all of the kids dressed up. When Darin go home, we quickly got ready. I had fake eyelashes, black skirt & shirt. Rainbow socks and boots. I was a witch, and had the hat with orange and red feathers on it. I curled Vi's hair and gave her an up do. She promptly made it all fall out when she ran around. anyway, she had a pink, poofy princess/Glenda the Good Witch costume, with a crown. She's saving the butterfly costume for next year. This girl likes to plan!

Ashton was a very cute, I mean terribly scary James P. Sullivan, AKA Sully from Monsters Inc. He looked warm and fuzzy. He got many compliments on his costume! Myra, sadly didn't have a costume, but she didn't seem to mind. Darin, well we don't quite know what he was. He had on a jacket/poncho type thing that he bought in Chile. It was tan and dark brown. He also wore a beanie and a grey beard and moustache. Then he topped it all off with a sombrero and hiking boots. your guess is as good as mine. He was disguised so well, that Sky asked why that strange man was following us.

We went to the wards soup supper. We missed the trunk or treat. Then we went to Spanish Fork to trick or treat with our friends the Bishops. Sky & Vi were pretty speedy with the trick or treating. We lucked out this year and didn't have any rain or snow! It wasn't even too cold. That's a first! Ashton and Maddie Moo were a lot slower, and took their time. But they still had a good time. They treated for about an hour or so. Needless to say, they have more candy than they can handle. I'm sure Dad will help them out with that! I did notice that everyone just buys the cheap stuff now. I got way better things when I was a kid!

Darin finished off the evening by telling the kids a scary Evelyner story. It was fun to see their reactions. Don't worry, it wasn't too scary, and to my knowledge, no nightmares resulted from it. Darin and I tried to watch Spellbound - an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but both fell asleep. We are such fuddy duddies! Ha Ha. Sorry there aren't any pictures. I need to get my film developed. Then I will post them.

We kept Gink - our black cat - in the house while we were out so no harm would befall him. This morning he brought us a dead bird. Gross! Vi almost let him in the house with it.....AGHH. Plus, Myra has been sleeping in four hour chunks at night! Wonderful. She is a month old and has been doing this for two days. Hopefully it keeps up, because I'm not feeling like too much of a zombie. On a side note, since Myra is 4 weeks old I went and played volleyball today. I tried to take it easy. I was pretty bad, but it was fun. We will see how sore I am tomorrow. I'm feeling good now though.