Monday, November 12, 2007

It's over!

We had a busy weekend for Primary. Saturday morning was our program practice/Quarterly Activity. It was chaotic, but necessary. We survived and the kids wolfed down their pizza! Sunday went really well. We got a lot of nice compliments. I'm glad it's over! But the children bring such a sweet spirit into sacrament meeting. I missed some of it because I had to take Ashton out. He wanted to be up on the stand with dad. I got to sit in the audience since Darin was sitting with his class. Myra was pretty good, and slept most of the time. The only thing we have left this year is singing at the ward Christmas Party in a few weeks, and preparing for next year. Yikes!

Other than that it was a boring, uneventful weekend. Darin went golfing with his brother, and friend Shelby. There was some problem with the golf cart, (gong to fast down a hill, brakes not adequate) and Darin had to bail or wreck. Needless to say he was whining the rest of the weekend about how much his foot hurt. Poor baby. It sounded pretty funny though!

Happy Late Anniversary to the Torsaks!!