Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Myra's A Pro

And what is my darling daughter a pro at you ask.....torture. I've been running on 5 hours of sleep, received in one hour intervals. She has done this to me several days in a row now. I am convinced it is some form of Terrible Medieval Torture. At least that's what it feels like to me. I could almost handle anything else...ok, not really.

The vote's are in. I must say I was surprised that the popular answer was Myra Bean. Much to my dad's dismay, we do call her that quite often. So that answer was WRONG! The Correct answer is M.J. No way do we call her that! That is from Spider man, people. Come on now! ;) Violet's name of choice is Princess poops - a -lot (or pukes - a -lot, or cries - a-lot, which ever is most applicable). She has even made up a song to the care bears theme song. Ask her to sing it for you some time. It is crazy funny. Ashton of course likes Baby Myra. In fact, I was going through some pictures today, and there was a picture of Ashton at about 2 months old. I showed him, and he was convinced that it was Myra. They do look a lot a like. Violet's baby pictures look like Myra when her eyes are closed. Elaine pretty much only had the same head shape.

Anyone who has a heart kid, there is a new link to the left for Scar Bears. You should check them out for Christmas. They are pretty cute!

Too bad I can't change my vote on the Thanksgiving poll. Our plans have changed a bit. We are now driving down on Thanksgiving, instead of the day before. It will be a longgggggg day! But fun. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Valerie L Bond said...

Sorry about the lack of sleep, hang in there, I've been there!