Friday, November 16, 2007

Next Week!

I don't know about everyone else, but we are pretty excited for Thanksgiving. We are heading to Beaver for the big day. My parents and my brother and sister - in -law will also be joining us at my grandparents. I have been busy figuring out food menus and stuff. I really should be spending the time cleaning my house, but that isn't any fun. Plus we have our major Christmas items for the kids all purchased. Yay! Any ideas for Myra? She doesn't really need clothes, or toys....

I was looking through pictures today, trying to figure out who Myra looks the most like. I compared her to pictures of Elaine, Vi & Ashton when they were all about her age. She looks the most like Violet right now!

I've just been going to volleyball, and taking care of kids. All the regular stuff. Nothing new or exciting. We just want to send our love out to our little Heart Friend Noah's family. He passed away this week, as did little Bree - Elle from another group. We are so sorry that your babies will not be with you on earth. Your angels will be watching over you though.