Friday, November 2, 2007

Ode to a crown

Now, you may think that the crown to which I refer is a toy, costume or some other royalty related object. Unfortunately I am actually referring to a crown in my daughters mouth. She likes to call it her princess crown. As we were eating breakfast this morning, she says her tooth is loose. I was a little confused since she is a little young to be losing teeth yet. When I look in her mouth - her crown is gone. She must have swallowed it with her cereal. I'm guessing that it got loose somehow on some Halloween candy. So we made a mad dash to the dentist to get fitted for another one. The funny things is we missed running into our friends there, by mere minutes. They also had teeth issues this morning. On another note, I am feeling fine today after playing volleyball yesterday. Yippie! I was afraid I might be a little sore...

There has been a lot going on in our heart world at Intermountain Healing Hearts. We now have a branch called Intermountain Healing Hearts Angels - for those of us who have lost our children. I hope that we are able to make a difference and be there for each other.

We also lost baby Ian Pearson yesterday. He had a long and hard fight. He was on Ecmo for a long time and had many complications. Our hearts go out tho Jenn & Justin & Ian's sister Emily. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Also, Kaidence (heart kid) is scheduled to be the first child at PCMC, and in Utah to receive the Berlin Heart. It is a left ventricular assist device. She will be quite the pioneer. It will be a new procedure for some performing it, so we hope and pray all goes well. There are many fasting for her this weekend, if anyone feel so inclined. To check out more information, please go to: or to
This device is only to help her wait for the transplant she needs, but can significantly improve her quality of life and extend her life until a heart can be found. Darin and I are glad that PCMC has taken this step, because it was not an option for Elaine when she was in Kaidence's situation. They Dr.s kept saying, if only it was made for children. If only it was available to her....and here we are three and a half years later and Kaidence will be the first one in Utah. We are glad she has more options now. Good luck!

The answer to theSurvey is......I see Violet in your eyes. Good job guys!