Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ollie Oliie Oxen Free

If only it were that easy to find someone! I went to volleyball today and some how Ashton escaped from the church. Usually it's just the gym, but today he made it outside. It took about 30 loooooooong minutes to find him. He had made it up the hill on the east side of the building, into a yard (no fence) and was playing on their play equipment. Man I am tired after having ran around the building (inside and out) about 4 times. don't tell my Dr. since my 6 weeks isn't up yet. My stomach muscles hurt now. I am just glad he was safe.

It was a very exhausting 30 minutes. Of course all these worst case scenarios kept flashing in my mind. He is such a wanderer. Elaine and Vi never were. And I hope Myra isn't. I try and keep a close eye on him, but I can only do so much. He has even escaped from nursery. The amazing thing in all of this, is he cannot open doors. He can't reach the door knobs, so either someone lets him out or leaves the door open. I think I may be back to keeping him in a stroller during volley ball, and listening to him scream the entire time. :( Poor boy! If anyone has ideas, let me know. I could bring my play pen, but he can probably climb out of it by now.....

In other news, Kaidence's Berlin Heart procedure went spectacular!!!! Dr.'s and her parents did a press conference a short time ago. I don't know when or if it will be on the news, but I'll definitely be looking! I have a lot going on for Primary the next few days and may not find time to post. Thanks for reading!!


Valerie L Bond said...

Oh Melissa! How scary for you! Glad he is safe!!

Valerie L Bond said...

Another thing: Callie was a wanderer since toddlerhood!! I had some scary moments too at the park some days!

Valerie L Bond said...

It's me again. I am going to Utah for Thanksgiving, I'll be there Nov. 19-23. I'm going alone because Morgan has the girls this year for Thanksgiving. I changed my blog site: it's

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