Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Quick Trip

Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to Idaho to attend the funeral of Ian. Carolyn & I drove together. I really enjoyed the time we had to visit and chat in the car. We took Myra with us and she did phenomenally well. The funeral was very peaceful. Both parents bore their testimonies. It was so sweet. Of course it brought back a lot of memories.... One of the special musical numbers was "I am a child of God", which we sang at Elaine's funeral. If anyone is interested in listening to Elaine's funeral, you can go to It is all there.

At the graveside, we released balloons. It was a sweet, peaceful day. I hope the family has continued comfort in the rough days, months, and years to come.

It is a big day for another heat family as Kaidence is receiving her Berlin Heart today. Carolyn and I were able to visit with Kaidence's mother yesterday. If you are interested in how she is doing, please visit their blog. It is listed under heart friends.

Also at the hospital we posted fliers about Intermountain Healing Hearts, talked with Valerie and Dr. Day briefly. We also went up to oncology to visit with Cohen, Kelsi's brother. He should be heading home today!

There were a couple of accidents on the freeway, so we got home a little later than anticipated. I threw my stuff in the house and had to head right over to go visiting teaching. Whew, what a long day. 12 hours of non stop travel.....and I'm not even getting a vacation out of it. ;) It was a good day though. I am glad Carolyn and I were able to serve others and offer support to them. I hope it makes a difference.

I am very thankful to my husband, who was able to work from home and spend a fabulous day with his kids!

Happy Birthday to Sarah Heinrich & Joshua Brady today!!