Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I know this is a little late in coming. You get it when you get it! ;)

We were lucky this year to be able to have my parents and my brother and his wife come out from CA for Thanksgiving. Darin's niece Jaylyn also spent the holiday with us. Thursday we got up bright and early (5am) so we could drive down to Beaver. We ended up getting there around 9am. We visited and tried to help with dinner, but the grandparents fussed over much of it themselves. My mom and my grandpa got into it over peeling the yams. It was quite funny!

We had our meal at Noon. Everything was delicious. We barely all fit around the table. Once we had it set for the 9 adults an 2 children, there wasn't anywhere to put all the food! The meal went smoothly, no major spills or catastrophes. On a funny side note, I had bought some Martinelli's on Wednesday to take down with us for thanksgiving (You've got to have Martinelli's!). When I set it on the counter when I got home I heard, "Mom! What is that!" Apparently Violet thought I had picked up something other than a non alcoholic beverage. I wonder where she has seen what it looks like anyway.......... I explained to her what it was and she is now addicted. So my grandpa hadn't ever tasted it before and actually enjoyed a couple cups full himself, after pretending to make a fuss about who we will all look like a bunch of drunks, yadda, yadda, yadda..

After we ate, Darin slept for 4 hours. Violet and Ashton either played in the backyard on the toy truck structure, or in the house where it was a little warmer. They even got to go to the farm and see the cows. Violet was very excited and had been wanting to go to a "real Farm" for weeks and weeks. She enjoyed that. We played a couple of games and visited. We left for home about 6pm. My parents and brother and his wife came back too.

We played more games like Ticket to Ride. Pretty fun! Then on Friday we slept in, I ran errands int he afternoon with my parents getting ready for Sunday. Darin had a LAN party with his brother and their friend, and my brother. The rest of us played more games. We even sucked my dad into playing Boggle with us. He was very bored! Saturday my brother and his wife went to Salt Lake and attended a temple session. They hadn't ever been to a live session. They enjoyed that and then took in more of the sites. Darin and I got the kids all dressed up and took their pictures! Here are a couple of them.

Darin did an excellent job with the background and stuff. Vi had a hard time holding Myra. She said the baby was too wiggly. Then I ordered Christmas cards, did some stuff for primary and played more games after dinner. That night my Aunt Donna, Uncle David and Grandpa Olsen came and visited. WE played Imaginiff, sang Christmas carols and had a good time.

After the first night of sleeping in the basement with my parent's Josh & Renee moved upstairs to sleep. They claimed they couldn't rest with the snoring and the c-pap that sounded like Darth Vader. Can't say that I blame them for leaving.

Sunday was a great day. We were actually ready and to church by 10:30 am. We weren't hurried or rushed as we got ready. Amazing! Darin made pancakes and eggs for breakfast. They were wonderful! We cleaned up and I am still amazed how smoothly it all went. We blessed Myra during sacrament meeting. Her friend Rose was also blessed, so our chapel was crowded! We were blessed to have a lot of family and friends there to support us. Darin gave a beautiful blessing. I will post pictures as soon as my dad sends them to me (that's a hint dad). The only unfortunate thing is that Darin's brother Ross missed it because of my inept directions. I am soooooo sorry Ross! Opps, I mean George!

Myra looked beautiful with the scratch she had given herself on her cheek the night previous. She wore the same blessing dress that I wore, and then Vi wore. She had white tights and white crocheted booties given to her sister Elaine by her great grandma Olsen, a white bow in her hair and was wrapped in a white afghan made by her Great- great grandma Knighton. It is a beautiful blanket that all of my kids have been blessed in, except Elaine of course! She was awake and pleasant during the entire blessing.

After sacrament meeting (I know, we are heathens!) we had everyone over to our home for lunch. No major problems or messes. We all ate and talked and had a good time. My parents left for home and were thrilled to get to travel the short way because the weather was cooperating. Then Darin & I relaxed and hung out with the kids. I had a couple of things to do to get ready for the Festival of Trees and that was that. A nice long weekend.
PS - We listened to the BYU Vs. Utah game! Go BYU!!!


Becky said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I LOVE Myra's dress in those pictures. It's adorable. I'm glad you got some good family time. There's (almost!) nothing I love more than sitting around with my family and playing games. You can't beat that!

Valerie L Bond said...

That's funny about the Martinelli's. And your kids look just beautiful!