Monday, December 31, 2007

Snowball Fight!

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Hello 2008!

I am excited that tonight I will get to welcome in another year. 2007 was a busy year for us. I will post some highlights in a sec. First off I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Michelle & Roy had their baby girl Abigail Claire yesterday. She was 9lbs, 4oz. Pretty big girl. As I recall, mom was a 10 punder, so maybe she got off easy?

Okay, 2007....We started off with a bang. We went to California in January for my little brother's wedding. It is so weird to think of him as married, but he is, and we love Renee to pieces! They are both working and going to school, and have multiple callings int heir ward, so they are a teensy bit on the busy side!

**Violet Turned 4.

**I got pregnant!

**Darin's niece Brynn got married to Chad. That was a beautiful event, and we got a chance to see a lot of Darin's family.

**We wrapped up our book drive that we did for Primary Children's Medical Center in Elaine's Memory. We collected 1441 books. Then we went to the Zoo and the Cemetery the next day.

**We went to California again in June to celebrate Darin's Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. There was a lot of family there that I had not met before. There were some poems read that were written by Darin's grandmother Violet. We are lucky enough to have a copy of them. We also enjoyed seeing pictures of his family from way back when and hearing stories.

**Ashton turned two and entered into little boyhood. Crashing, climbing and wrecking things!

**We helped start a non-profit CHD support group called Intermountain Healing Hearts and we have made some real headway. It has been wonderful to get to know new families and to get the ball rolling with this.

**We had fun at Onion days and canning peaches (see previous posts).

**October 4th we welcomed a new baby girl, Myra Joanne, to our family. Look how much she has changed already!

**We did the Care Bear Tree for Elaine at the Festival of Trees.

**We attended many weddings and funerals for friends and family. Celebrated Birthdays and anniversaries. Darin and I have been married 7 years if you can believe it!

** We had a good Thanksgiving and Christmas, and are looking forward to a fun New Years Party tonight with friends. Thank you all for making our year fabulous and memorable. We love you! Happy New Year. We hope the best is yet to come for you and yours!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Oh Boy

Grandma & Grandpa Crook gave Ashton a tool set for Christmas. They are plastic, but pretty live like. I was attempting to clean my room when I hear the sound of breaking glass. I thought it had come from upstairs, so I check the other two bedrooms and the bathroom, nope. Then I hear it again and run down stairs. Ashton had decided to smash my ornaments on the tree. He only broke two big balls, one of which I had made. One heart ornament luckily didn't break. He was using the hammer and smashed them into teeny tiny bits. Those toys went on time out for a couple of days and he wasn't happy about the cleaning up. Neither was I! Thanks a lot mom & dad...... ;)

I'm just worried about what is next.

Becky's Wedding

This week I was able to go to my friend Becky Baddley's wedding. She and I went to high school together. We weren't in the same grade, but had some classes together. We enjoyed sharing an early morning squirt in math class. the good old days. :)

So Thursday I went to the sealing, that I wrote about in the last blog entry. Friday night I packed up the kids and picked Darin up from work. I think from now on I am going to call him when I leave home and tell him I am at the office. That way when he comes out, I'll be there and not having to wait 30 minutes! Grrr. So the directions that the lovely google maps gave us were inaccurate. If we had been in any other state, it might not have been that big of a deal, but in Utah, there are chapels on every corner so to speak. So we followed the directions, not quite to a chapel, but there is one nearby. We unload from the van, set up the double stroller and go in the church. Yeah...not the right one. There was some family Christmas party going on. Okay, back out into the freezing cold, back in the van, but the stroller away - and now we are on our own. The computer had us turn North when we should have gone south. Usually the Internet mapping programs are pretty reliable. We weren't the only ones that had problems, so I'm glad we weren't the only ones!

The reception was set up beautifully. Becky, if you can believe it, had ringlets in her hair and her wedding dress on. Gorgeous!! Tons of lace and jewels, not what I'd have expected from Becky. As you may remember, this is the girl that ALWAYS had her hair in a pony tail, wore a warm up suit and boxers. She was such a tomboy. My crusty Marshmallow! Her hubby was in his army uniform and looked very smashing. We visited with the Baddley's a little, ate some goodies. We were about to leave when in walks a blast from the past. Jeff Sayerwin and Piper Davis. I went with Jeff to his Prom in Rohnert Park, back in the day. He's now at BYU. It was fun to catch up a bit. He made some comment about my "passel of kids", but hey, they're mine and I love 'em! I am so happy I have them!

Becky's mom Sue took our pictures at our wedding. She did such a nice job. They are my favorites! She took the ones at the temple in the morning. She enjoyed meeting my kids and stuff. Everyone has changed a lot in the last few years! Becky & Brennon will be going to Georgia soon for Army stuff. I'm glad I have email so I can keep in touch with her. Congrats on the lovely wedding you two!~~~

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas 2007

I know I am a couple of days late in posting, but I was waiting for some pictures from my husband,and am still waiting. So if any of you talk to him, remind him that I am waiting. Thanks!

Christmas was a lot of fun. Violet woke up around 8am. We made her wait until Ashton got up, which was closer to nine, before we headed downstairs. The first thing the kids saw was their new bikes! Violet was very excited about those. We opened stockings - well not Ashton. Ashton found his way to the train table and played and played. Violet wanted to open all the presents. Ashton didn't want to because he was too busy. Once we showed him his new Ninja Turtle, that's all he wanted. Then it was his tools. Those were his three top faves. Violet loves her kid camera. We are still trying to work out the kinks- software issues. Her makeup is something she has been carrying around. She put some on Ashton yesterday. He looked so cute.

She has watched her new Barbie Princess and the Pauper movie a couple of times. Lets see, after we opened gifts, Darin cooked breakfast, eggs, sausage, pancakes, OJ. Then we just hung out, I think we watched "Shrek 3." Then Darin, Vi & Ashton got all bundled up and took out the new snow sled. They had a lot of fun. Then we cooked dinner (Ham, potatoes, stuffing, candied yams - and a regular one for me) and ate. The table looked pretty, I'll have a picture of that sometime.....I think we watched "Ratatouille" that day too. So, all in all it was a relaxing day, although I am still trying to get the house back in order. There are two bikes with flat tires and no where to go yet, and a train table in the living room. One of these days I'll have the energy to move it to the Basement.

Yesterday Darin headed back to work. I did 6 loads of laundry and a lot of dishes. I still have a lot of laundry to get put away. I need to get Myra sleeping in the room with Vi....I'll get that figured out one of these days. I hope Violet isn't a light sleeper.

Today I went to Becky Baddley's sealing. It was really nice. I met some of her friends from her mission in Germany. I left the kids with Jacki. As is my luck, Ashton got car sick (I Hope!) and puked as I was getting off the freeway to Jacki's house. So I had that mess to deal with before leaving. I had to take the entire car seat apart when I got home, which is no easy task, and clean it. I hope I can remember how to put it all back together when the time comes. Wish me luck with that! Oh, and Violet left her new pink jacket at her cousins and had a BF!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

I might get "caught up" with blogging today. Wow! Christmas Eve was a pretty mello day. Darin worked a half day (about 5 hours) from home. I got up and started cleaning my kitchen. I still had dirty pans and cookie cutters everywhere from making Christmas cookies. AGHHH! So I quickly cleaned so I could make my pies. Deann had a great idea. Since we both wanted a variety of pies, but not tons of pies, we decided to each make two (besides our own pumpkins) and split them between us so we would each have 4 different pies. Deann made sweet potato and ended up with 3 of them, so she just gave us a whole pie, and blackberry cheesecake. Yum. I made Cherry and Peanut Butter.

She wanted to come and make the switch before the big storm. Well, it wasn't that big of a storm, but we still got about 4 inches out of it. We had a nice, white Christmas. Lets see, then we cleaned a little, pulled out the couch bed and snuggled up to watch Elf with popcorn. Violet laughed and laughed. Ashton made it through most of the movie. Carolyn came and dropped off two cute scar bears that she and Jennilyn from Intermountain Healing Hearts had been working on. They turned out so great. My kids carried them around for the rest of the night.

We dressed the kids up as Mary & Joseph. Ashton was so mad. He kept saying, "I don't want to be Jofess. No Jofess." So funny that he couldn't say Joseph. We read the Christmas Story and talked about Jesus, and why we celebrate Christmas. Then we set out milk and cookies for Santa, and open one present. Violet wanted to open the one from Uncle Josh and Aunt Renee. She got a sticker book with unicorns and fairies. I think she slept with it. Ashton got a magnetic construction yard. Violet and Ashton went to bed really well. Violet didn't even get out of bed to play with her toys like usual. I think she was excited for Santa, and didn't want him to come when she was still awake.

Darin and I didn't have too much to do. When putting together a bike, he had to get a hammer to fix part of it, but other than that it was uneventful. WE watched the end of It's a wonderful Life. We were in bed by 11 I think. Too bad I was up several times with Myra. Poor thing pukes a lot. Okay, it's spit up, but it is a mess.

Andrew Christmas Party

On Sunday we had the Andrew Family Christmas Party at Ryan & Jacki's. We had a lot of fun. The kids played and played. Dylan and Ashton fought with light sabers. We open gifts thanks everyone! Then we had a nice spaghetti dinner and banana cream pie for dessert. Some highlights were:

* Singing Karaoke - lots of laughs. Jacki took video of this, so look for it on her blog sometime.

* Watching "Little house on the Prairie, Christmas at Plum Creek". This is Ryan's favorite. He watched Little house every day. This Christmas episode makes him cry every time. I'm not sure why.....So while we were watching it, Ryan kept getting defensive when anyone would mock the movie. It was hilarious to see him so dedicated tot he show. We had a good laugh.

*We all made a point to notice that "Craig" was not there this year, only Chad.

*Samantha played a few songs on her Violin for her Grandpa. It was beautiful! And I learned that Ross & Brynn had taken lessons together once upon a time.

*Ashton was deathly afraid of Ryan for some reason, it was pretty funny...he tolerated him when playing with the big train.

*Watching Amazing Race on the DVR - no commercials! It is way more fun to watch with a bunch of people who are also into it! That was great!

Then we watched part of Christmas Vacation - but decided it was time to leave when Ryan was asleep, and Jacki nearly so. All the kids slept on the way home (rarity!). Nancy and/or Brynn - please send me the recipe for those yummy candies! We had such a fun time and are tentatively planning some camping trips for this summer! I am already ready for the snow to leave!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Pre Christmas Catch up

Since my children are currently busy, I thought I'd try and get a little caught up with my blogging before tomorrow.
Kaidence seems to be doing well so far with her new heart! Yay! Thursday was Darin's work Party. Jaylyn was here, and she watched the kids. I took Myra with me and picked Darin up from work. I had my neighbor do my hair. It was cute and curly. I'll try and get a picture up. As I picked up Darin, the huge storm hit. It took us an hour to get to point of the mountain. We were crawling!! We got to the party about an hour and a half late. We still made it in time for pictures and dinner and stuff, because everyone else was late too. One of the VP's got in a wreck in Parleys Canyon and made it there about 10pm.

Myra was pretty cranky, but thankfully she wasn't the only baby there. The food was good, as always. Darin won the top performer award for the account managers. He got a nice crystal/glass mouse (not the mammalian kind, the computer kind) with his name and stuff on it. He can display it at work. Good job Darin! I won the rosemary plant that was on our table because I had the birthday closest to March 18th. I'll do my best not to kill it, but my luck isn't so good with plants. There was a comedian/musician that was very very funny. Don't ask me the name, I don't remember. By the end of the night Myra was miserable - she wouldn't sleep since it was pretty loud. It snowed the entire time we were at the party and was icky by the time we left.

Driving home was hazardous. Since I had picked Darin up, we had to stop and get the van. I drove the car home and hated every moment of driving through the snow. It stresses me out so bad! I couldn't see much and was going like 20 MPH on the freeway. I made it home alive, without wreaking. Miracle! Darin got a birthday card in the mail from his mom on Friday and worked from home! That was nice. I had a ton of stuff to do for primary and the kids played out in all the new snow. It is snowing again, so we will be having a white Christmas tomorrow! Friday I also picked up part of my kids' Christmas from a neighbor. She gave us a train table with the pieces. It's used, but hey, I didn't have to buy it and my kids will have all kinds of fun!
Friday night Darin played games with Chris and Shelby & Dean. they had a lot of fun. Saturday morning Darin took Chris and Dean tot he airport. Then he went out and did a little Christmas shopping. I have been good and haven't peaked. I've learned that it is nice to have at least one surprise on Christmas morning! Saturday we made sugar cookies and decorated them. It was a lot of fun. We have tons. Anyone want some?

I will have to post about our Andrew Family party some other time....Myra is screaming. TTFN!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A New Heart!

Our little friend Kaidence is getting a heart transplant today! We are hoping and praying that all goes smooth. A big thank you to the donor family. What a gift to give! Thank you where ever you are!

If you are not yet registered to be an organ and tissue donor, sign up today. It is easy and can benefit so many lives! It is much easier for you and your loved ones to make the decision now, rather than in a time of pain, confusion and grief. Thank you all.

Elaine Dec. 2003

What a cute couple of girls. I was just thinking about our last Christmas with Elaine. We were in California visiting our parents. It was also Vi's first Christmas. I am glad that we spoiled her and that we have Christmas morning recorded. It is fun to watch and see her so excited. We miss you Elaine!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Tag

Jenny tagged me for this. So, here we go.

Favorite Christmas song:Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. But, I am partial to anything Christmas. I have quite the collection and listen to them year round. I wouldn't want them to get dusty!
Favorite Christmas treat: My Grandpa Crooks Homemade Christmas Candy
What does your Christmas tree look like: Half of the lights have gone out. Sporadic ornaments on the bottom (Ashton has made me move them all up higher) and a funky bow on top because our old tree topper died and we haven't replaced it.
When do you start shopping for presents, on Black Friday or the day before Christmas? I too start thinking about Christmas and buying stuff in Aug/Sept. But it seems there is still always some last minute item I have to run out and get. I think I already know what that will be for this year...
Favorite Christmas tradition: Well, probably when I was little and my brother would sneak into my room (although I'm pretty sure my parent's knew) and we would lay in bed and talk and get all excited for Christmas. Fun times. I think we did this pretty much up until I was married and not living at home, eh Josh? I also loved our tradition of making Gingerbread houses. We always made 3. One for our family, one for Joshua to give to a friend, and one for me to give to a friend. My mom would occasionally make Sleighs to give away. Plus reading the Christmas story and dressing up as Mary and Joseph with a random doll as Jesus. Good Times!
Best holiday memory:Same as above.
Fake or real tree:Most of my childhood we had a real tree. Since then, I've had both and I think they both h ave their ups and downs. I don't prefer one over the other.
Favorite Christmas movie: All of them! I love Elf - Crack up laughing every time! And White Christmas, and While you were Sleeping, and The Christmas Box, and so many more!
What do you want for Christmas this year? So many things that cannot be given. To lighten other's grief. Since there isn't much I can do there, I'll take enjoying my family and being loved!
Favorite Christmas story: Twas the Night Before Christmas
People you want to tag: Michelle Z. and the Pattons. And as always anyone else who would like to participate!

Darin's Birthday Extraveganza.

Well, I suppose I may be exaggerating a bit. But, it was still a fun day. Darin went to work, nothing too unusual there. I attended a funeral for a little heart friend. The parents of this child had also had their first born pass on as well. The paternal grandfather and the father both spoke. Of course they sang "I am a child of God" which we sang at Elaine's funeral. I think the thing that stuck out the most to me was the acceptance that these parents have of the Lord's will. They know it is going to be hard, and want children so badly. They have had both of theirs die within a year. Both as innocent babies. Two completely different defects. And yet, are waiting for spirits they can raise at this time. It is a blessing to know where our children are, but so hard not to be with them, enjoying them at this moment. Someday it will happen, but the wait seems so long to us now. I hope this family, and the so many others who have had loved ones leave them, are able to feel at peace and be comforted. I hope you all know how often you are in my thoughts, and that I grieve with you.

Back to the Birthday. I was able to run a few errands since Jaylyn stayed home with Vi & Ashton. Darin had hinted that he would like an Ice Cream cake this year, rather than his usual German Chocolate cake. I found ones at a really good price ($13 for the size of a regular round cake). They had a few different choices. I got the Mud Pie because I thought it would have the most chocolate - which he enjoys.

When he got home, we fed the kids dinner, opened his presents - complete with "heavy heavy hang over"- (a drawing of a princess from Vi and a new Baseball glove). Dean helped with the purchase of the glove since I didn't know what would be a good one. Darin was surprised and likes it a lot. Then we put candles on the cake and sang Happy Birthday and the song my Grandpa Olsen always sings. I served the cake and it turned out that one of the ice cream layers wasn't chocolate, but, you guessed it, COFFEE. Yuck! I felt bad, but it wasn't too bad to eat around that part. I don't think Darin ate more than a bite though. Too bad.

After that Darin and I (and Myra) went to the Macaroni Grill for a birthday dinner. Dean and his girlfriend Lindsay (or maybe Lindsey - I'm not sure how she spells her name) had dinner with us. It was nice to eat at a leisurely pace and not worry about kids throwing food, being noisy etc.

Darin had a nice talk on the phone with his parents and also from mine. He also got a Birthday Card from his brother Roy and his wife Leslie. Thanks guys. It was a quiet birthday, but he is playing Enemy Territory (a computer game) with his brother, nephew and friend Shelby tonight as a sort of Birthday get together. I hope he is having fun downstairs. They are awfully noisy! :)

Where to Start???

It seems like there are so many things that I need to post about these days. It has been a busy week! Here are a few random things.......

**I love the Christmas season because it is the only time of year that we get anything in the mail besides bills and junk! Hooray for Christmas cards. I have all cards and pictures up in my house. I love seeing all of your lovely faces. Thank you!

**One of the girls (ok, I suppose I should say women...but that makes me feel old!) that I play volleyball with is also named Melissa. As you can imagine this can be confusing so we rarely play on the same team. Well, last week I found out that her husband's name is Darron. Two Darin & Melissa's! Well, her hubby's name is spelled differently, but it sounds the same! All I could think was do do do do (you know, twilight zone theme). Weird! Luck for us our children have different names!

**After two years of trying, I finally have my keys for Primary. I can open a closet and the doors at the church now. Amazing.

**The CD player in my car died a few months ago. Miraculously this week, it began to work again. I was stoked that I didn't have to fork out money I don't have, for a new one. Only bad thing is it stopped working again. I'm thinking there is some sort of short....any suggestions?

**In Myra Bean news, she discovered a new friend this week, in the mirror. Laugh Laugh giggle giggle grin. So cute! She also enjoys her play gym already and is starting to motate. She moved herself 180 degrees on it today. Whoa!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brief Weekend Update

Ok, I am going to try and fit a lot in here, and not make it too long. We will see how well I do. Friday I went to the Post Office with all three kids. Holy craziness! Myra was screaming because she does not enjoy her car seat, and Violet and Ashton were running a muck. I tried to "control" them, but failed miserably. Thank goodness for the kind woman in line ahead of me. She helped swing Myra so I could wrangle the other two. Then she let me go in front of her in line - Heaven sent! Almost didn't survive that trip!

Friday night we played some fun games with Melissa and Shelby. It was a much needed break for them I think, what with the funeral and all. Saturday morning Violet went to a birthday party complete with clown. The clown did face painting and balloon animals and tricks. The kids loved it. Vi had her face painted with two princess crowns. And had a flower wand made out of balloons - I'm sensing a theme here...

We picked her up and headed to PG to our friend's the Coulson's. the idea was for Darin to help Mark with some Honey Do projects. They got started a couple of hours late, but managed to replace an electrical outlet (the house was built in '42) and put in a ceiling fan. Then we had dinner and rushed home. Jaylyn had shown up at our place by then, so we passed the kids off to her and headed down the street to another party. This was a lot of fun as well. We had the usual white elephant gift exchange. It's good company and lots of laughs. We had Myra with us, and she was a bit fussy...We ended up being one of the last ones there, and decided to stay and play some games. We played Sequence and Ticket to Ride for a couple of hours. The Bishop started to get tired (said something about early morning meetings...what church has those LOL)? It was fun!

Sunday was church - me trying to get ready for the new year - copies galore! temple recommend interviews and dinner with a family in the ward. Oh, and a two hour Primary meeting thrown in there somewhere too. Whew, busy busy. One of these days I will catch up with the rest of this week, but there is the over view.

PS - I swiped (3rd time stolen) a pair of fuzzy toes socks from my friend at the gift exchange. Yay for me. I love warm socks. And they are pink so Darin wont try and latch on to them. For some reason at the party, when I put the socks on, everyone thought I was trying to rub it into my friend that I took her feet were just cold! :)

Happy Birthday Darin!!!!

I just wanted to quickly post a Happy Birthday message to my wonderful husband. Happy 31st Birthday, Darin! I love you so much. I am so luck to have such a smart, hardworking, good looking man. I am thankful that you love me, and that you have so many wonderful talents. You have such a great knowledge of the gospel and have an amazing testimony. Thank you for your example, love and kindness.
I love you!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Dental stuff driving me Mental!

Let's go back a week ago (last Sunday) to us eating dinner after church. Violet got some food stuck between her teeth and got a tooth pick. As she proceeded to get the food out, she also managed to knock out her filling. As you may recall, Vi had decay on her front tooth that was removed and then filled in so her front teeth would look the same. Well, that chunk fell out. Why is all the work falling out after about a year? Hello! So I call and they can get her in Tuesday. We go and she does pretty good while they fill the tooth, and dry the filling etc. So it come to the end with just 10 seconds left. They need to smooth the filling and make it match the edge of her tooth. The whistler (aka drill) she says hurts and she has a complete break down. She won't let them finish. I tried bribery, threats of every kinds, coaxing and being nice. Nothing worked and so we had to schedule her to come back in, under medication / sedation to finish 10 SECONDS of work. I cannot believe it! Meanwhile Ashton and Myra are also both crying. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in what felt like eternity.

The story doesn't end here. We go and pick up Darin and go to lunch. Then we drop him off and head ho me. So we get stuck in traffic on the freeway (who knows why- there wasn't an accident). I decide to get off at Center street and try to go around. Everyone else is doing that too, so it is stop and go. As I get to Target Violet and Ashton both start complaining that their stomachs hurt and they are going to puke. Great, just what I want to do, clean up barf. So I pull over in Target parking lot to let their stomachs rest. I had wanted to run some errands that, at this point, I had given up on, and decided to take a chance that Target had what I wanted. So, we all went into the store. They don't have what I need so we get back in the van, I decide to go up to the next exit. As I am in the far left lane to turn on the freeway waiting, and incident management truck pulls on the freeway to stop traffic. I cannot move out of the lane since there is another lane also turning. Great, at this point all three kids are screaming and crying and I reached my breaking point. I start bawling too. All I want to do is get my kids home...and everything is standing in my way. It takes 20 minutes to creep up to the next exit. I get off, and drive another 20 minutes through town to finally get back on the freeway (which is moving fine now, BTW) and continue driving home. So what should have taken me 25-35 minutes took close to two hours. Deann can attest to the fact that I had lost it by then!

Fast forward to today. Darin "Forgets" to set the alarm, we wake up when we are supposed to be leaving in 15 minutes. Great. Grab kids in PJ's, hurry out and get there15 minutes late. Luckily I didn't forget Vi's drugs, which were a hassle to get. The Dr. had to call it in to the pharmacy multiple times. Some one, I don't know who, kept misplacing it or something. I went to pick it up, not called in. Hmmm, called the dentist, they said they did call, but would try again. Two days later it is finally actually done and pick up. It shouldn't be that difficult. At least I got smart and would call the pharmacy to make sure it was there before driving to get it.

So Vi gets doped up, things go fine. She also has a cleaning and x-rays done. Trying to get the most out of the sedation. Good news is she has NO NEW CAVITIES! Thank heaven for small miracles! Darin has a cleaning and has a chipped tooth he needs filled. He's not happy about having a numb mouth to talk to customers with today. Oops. Violet is still all loopy and goofy. She walks like a drunken sailor. She was eating and says, "Hey mom. You know the whistler, they should call it the Hurter. Then the pokey thing with pokeys on two sides, they could call that the whistler. It doesn't whistle, but it's the whistler, not the pokey one. Okay mom?" Do you think I should suggest to the dentist that he call the drill the "hurter?" Yeah right. She is making up all kinds of lyrics to songs. Pretty funny to listen to.

Now she has absolutely no space between her two front teeth. I hope that wont be a problem. I think he did that on purpose so we wouldn't have a repeat. He is more than likely sick of seeing us in his office. Plus betweent he dental experience and the funeral, I didn't get to go to volleyball at all last week. Boo Hoo. I am totally there tomorrow!

Where have all the widgets gone?

As you can tell, I have changed the look of my Blog. I like the new background. I think it is fabulous! When I was changing it though, I wasn't paying attention (kids, lack of sleep, etc.) and all of my widgets (Info along the side of my blog) was deleted. This meant I had to basically recreate the entire thing. UGHHHH, like I didn't have enough going an already! I hope that I was able to find everyone's blogs and link them to mine. If I have missed one, please let me know!

We went to Dan's funeral on Thursday. It was nice. The kids were nuts....but that's to be expected. We played games with Melissa and Shelby on Friday. I hope it was a good distraction for them. They kept a lot of the flowers and plants. They even have a larger wreath that looks great on the wall for Christmas. Shelby's mom gave them the flag too, so they will be getting a nice encasement for that. The holidays will be hard, but at least they know Dan isn't in pain any longer.

We had another baby in our Support group pass on this week. He had HLHS and was 7 weeks old. I will be attending the funeral on Wednesday (Darin's birthday). The family also had a daughter die about 12 months ago. I don't know the cause of her death, but two hard! We are praying for them and hope they are able to find comfort and peace.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another loss

Darin and I will be attending a funeral tomorrow for our friend Shelby's dad. We just wanted to let their family know that we are thinking about you at this time, and about the pain you are experiencing. Dan will be missed and forever loved.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ashton Boy

Little kids are so funny, and make me laugh every day. Ashton's vocabulary has really taken off recently. It is so much fun to have conversations with him and hear what he is thinking about. Here is an example of a conversation I had with Ashton a few weeks ago:

Me: What color is the sky?

Ashton: Blue & White & .....Orange! Nemo is orange. He's a Clown fish. The clown fish fights sharks. I gonna fight sharks.
He then commences to fight imaginary Sharks.

Some other cute things that he says on a daily basis are: He calls Myra Sissy. It's adorable. "What's Wrong, sissy. Why're you crying Sissy etc."

He now calls his belly his "Tumbly" thanks to Winnie the Pooh. (Rumbly in my Tumbly). I love it!

And there are always the phrases he picks up from various movies like, "That was totally Wicked! " (Incredibles)

"I'm a happy child" (Toy Story)
"Who you callin' busted Buster?" (Toy Story)
"You get back here right now, Nemo! " (Finding Nemo)
"I'm off duty!" (Monster's Inc.)

Do you think mu kids like Pixar? Those are the ones that I can think of off hand. He also says, "I'm freakin' out" but I haven't been able to place that one yet. Silly boy.

Here are a couple of pictures of my new cousin Conner.

In other news, I get to take Violet to the dentist, again. She'd had some decay on her front teeth which we taken off and filed down a bit. Then the dentist "patched" them so there wasn't a huge gap.. Well yesterday that piece managed to fall off, so she has a funny smile. I have to go and get it fixed so it doesn't rot again...grrrr taking three kids to a dentist's office 30 minutes away is no fun! Wish me luck! The big bummer is I have to miss playing Volleyball. Boo Hoo!

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Wal Mart Experience

Ok, I am going to attempt this post, while listening to Myra cry herself to sleep. Poor thing hasn't napped all day and is so tired. I don't know what the deal is. It was payday today, so like always, I needed groceries and things. The kids slept in about 45 minutes this morning. I thought the day was off to a great start. Well, by the time we got to the store, Myra was screaming (like she has been all day). I have to put Ashton in the cart so I can keep track of him. Violet likes to hang all over the outside of the card, which makes it hard to navigate, but she is pretty good.

Ashton was really on one today. Usually I can give him something to hold and he is ok. Well today he proceeded to Smash my bagels with his shoe, chew through a package of hot dogs, open the napkins, tear apart the box with fruit snacks and have a melt down because I wouldn't let him eat them, and open a bag of split peas. AGHHHH! At least I didn't need bread.

My head was spinning by the time I got home, and I have to go back because I only got about half way finished before I decided we couldn't stay any longer! The joys of motherhood! ;)

It's a Boy!!!

My Aunt Sandra had baby number 4 this morning at 8:27am. His name is Conner Ray (After his Grandfather) and he is 7 lbs 3 oz 20 inches long. This was Sandra's 4th c-section and first boy!! We are so excited for them! Mom has some low blood pressure (must be a fourth c-section thing) but doing good, and baby is healthy and doing a lot of sleeping. :) I'll post a picture when I get one!

Happy Day Late Birthday to my brother!! I can't believe how old you are Josh! HE HE. All grown up and married. Weird! Happy Birthday! I love you!

We went to the Christmas Box Angel ceremony last night. We are lucky to have a monument close to us. We got the kids all bundled up. Ashton had fallen asleep and we had to wake him up to go. Not a pleasant thing! He screamed and cried for like an hour. Takes after his dad in the "ornery when woken up" department. It was fairly cold out - 36 degrees F when we got tot he cemetery. Lucky for us this year there wasn't much wind, but it rained on us. Myra stayed nice and cozy in her winter bunting from Aunt Donna. I am so glad we had that for her. I held her during the program and she slept. Ashton and Violet mostly played in the snow while Darin and I tried to listen.

There was a beautiful musical number sung by two ladies, and the had guitars. Then a woman who is a grief counselor spoke. She did a really nice job. Probably the most memorable thing, to me, that she said was that she is a word person. She doesn't like to say she has "lost" so & so, or so & so has "passed away". She said that she always uses the words passed on, because that is what they have done. Moved on ahead of her, where she will move on to one day. I think it meant a lot to me because I don't ever want to forget Elaine, or how much she taught me. I love her and miss her every day. She has just progressed through this life quicker than I have. I cannot wait for the glorious day when I can see her again. I think about what amazing things she must be doing now, and hope that I am doing what I need to, so I can be with her forever.

So back to the ceremony, we lit candles, talked about how the ceremony began (for more information check out: ). Then everyone is given the chance to place a white flower at the base of the statue. Darin's co worker has a son in the cemetery. He couldn't be there, so we put a flower at his grave. It was a nice ceremony. I enjoy going every year.

I have been involved with several families who have recently had children pass on. These children also suffered from Congenital Heart Defects. It brings back so many memories of being at the hospital, funeral home, just remembering the feelings I had is those first heart aching months. Some days are still that way, but now they are more filled with sweet memories of Elaine and all the fun times we had with her. I have been showing Ashton pictures of Elaine, but he still doesn't recognize a picture of her and say Elaine. I want him to know about his sister. He thinks he only has two and he doesn't. I hope as he gets a little older, her will be able to understand a little bit more.....since she is still such a big part of our lives, and will always be in our little family.

I am sorry if this post has been a little depressing for some. This holiday season so far, I haven't been much in the mood. Maybe it's emotions/hormones from having a baby recently - who knows. But I have been thinking about Elaine a lot lately, and hope maybe some of you think about her once in a while too. I don't want her to be forgotten.....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2 months and counting

Myra had her two month check up today. Here are her stats in case you are interested.
Weight: 10 lbs 8 oz (42%tile)
Height: 21.5 inches (18%tile)
Head: 35 inches (30%tile)

All in all she is growing and doing well. She got many immunizations (four leg shots and an oral vaccine). The oral vaccine is a new one for the rotavirus. Man I wish they had that for the other kids - Ashton always gets it! She is sleeping now, but was cranky with gas this evening between the shots, oral vaccine, crying and Tylenol. I hope she sleeps tonight!

How the Newt Ging Grinch Stole Christmas

That was the title of our most recent adventure are Desert Star Theaters. As I am sure you can gather, it was the Christmas Show. It was pretty funny, with some nice jabs at Hillary Clinton. I laughed!

We went out on Friday night. We go with Aaron and Mandy and always have a blast! Darin's nephew Christopher babysat Vi & Ashton for us. We ate at the Texas Steak house. It was really busy and too loud for my taste. I would go deaf if I worked there! The food was extremely excellent!!! Although they forgot to bring me one of my sides....and I didn't realize until later that night. Oh well. It wasn't too pricey either. I had a peach lemonade which was yummy.

We had Myra with us, so that was distracting for me. Unfortunately Darin missed most of the fist half of the show because he was out with Myra. I would have gone, but I didn't want my ice cream to melt. It's too important!! ;) Right before intermission, our waitress spilled a root beer float all over our feet. Darin's nice overcoat was on the floor and got doused, along with his scarf and everyone's shoes. We weren't too thrilled about that. She didn't clean it up very well. Darin spent intermission cleaning up the floor....and now I have to take his coat to the dry cleaners. The lame thing is she didn't even apologize. Grrr.

Other than that mishap, the show was good. It followed a lot of the Grinch story line, but had great songs and as always, hilarious laughs. Personally I enjoyed the abominable snow monster that they blew up with a bomb. Myra slept in my arms for the second part of the show, and for the Olio. My wrist hurt afterwards, otehr wise it was fine. We ate, laughed and had fun despite the coooollllld. If anyone gets the chance, they should see a show. They are great!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Festival Of Trees

The wait is finally over. I am posting about the Festival of Trees. So, it was a long and trying day to say the least. We got to Darin's work to pick him up, and waited 45 minutes in the parking lot. I didn't know that he was on a call for work. I called and talked to him as we were getting off the freeway. Then we waited and waited and he wouldn't pick up his phone anymore. Violet was worried about missing her friends, Ashton was crying and Myra was screaming. I tried to feed Myra, but could calm down Ashton. My head was pounding for the rest of the night.

Isn't she a cutie?!
Once we finally got to the event and found a place to park, Aston puked. Gross!!!! He had to lose the sweatshirt and wear his coat inside - it was superdy dooper cold. No, Ashton was not ill, just car sick. It was a stinky cold/wet mess to clean up and then finally go into the Festival.

We didn't have to buy tickets, we used our free ones that Nancy shared. When you donate a tree you get so many for free, so that was really nice. They kids had some Christmas money that they used to buy hot dogs and snacks to eat. We were able to meet up with the Quigleys, Pattons, & Evers from Intermountain Healing Hearts. Mandy was also still there with her two girls, so we hung out briefly before she headed home.

Violet ran around like a crazy woman. She got lost a couple of times.....Ashton wanted to touch everything and got strapped in the stroller which he wasn't pleased with and screamed forever!!! We looked at the beautiful trees, including some that our friends did, watched some dancers (violet's fav) and got balloon animals made by a clown. Neither of my kids actually got animals, Ashton got none other than a , you guessed it, SWORD, and Violet got a magic wand. Here is a picture of her with it. After Ashton got his sword, he wanted to fight every one. He found another little boy his size who had also gotten a sword, and they fought for about 10 minutes. It was the cutest thing. They were both so into it.

In side the building was extremely hot. We shed as much clothing as we could, but it was still uncomfortable. By the time we made it home, all three kids were wiped out. Myra doesn't like her car seat and screams in it. Violet didn't even wake up when we got home,and Ashton went straight to bed with no fuss. Myra even slept like 7 hours straight that night. :) yippie for me. Too bad all of her nights aren't that way. Here are a couple of shots of the tree.

Happy Birthday to Ross & Roy yesterday and Lisa today!! And to Janice Tomorrow!

Now I just need to write about our adventure at Desert Star.....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

John Wayne

I am having issues with my so called "John Wayne" toilet paper. You know, it's rough, tough and doesn't take no crap of of anybody. At least that is what my brother tells me it is (ok, and Kenny). Anyway, I buy the generic brand at costco. It suits us just fine. I big issue though, is this last batch has about half of the rolls that weren't perforated. At All! So it is extremely difficult to tear off the tissue when you need it. Violet will pull off what she needs, and it won't tear on one side and she will have the roll basically torn in two. GRRRR. I should write to the company and tell them my frustrations!

We have gotten several inches of snow today, and it is still coming. I knew it would happen sooner or later, but I prefer later. I guess I should complain since it is the first day of December, and the first real snowfall we have had. I don't enjoy shoveling the car out of the drive way, driving in it and all that jazz. It looks pretty though. Someday my house will be warmer (our window are old and inefficient) and it will be even more enjoyable! Dreams....

Here is a picture of Myra in her cute blessing dress. Thanks for the picture dad. I am waiting to post about the festival of trees until I get some pictures from Cadie. Hopefully that will be soon. I am watching Darin in the freezing cold, try to shovel the driveway to go and get diapers at the store. It is quite the feat and taking a long time. He looks cold.