Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Andrew Christmas Party

On Sunday we had the Andrew Family Christmas Party at Ryan & Jacki's. We had a lot of fun. The kids played and played. Dylan and Ashton fought with light sabers. We open gifts thanks everyone! Then we had a nice spaghetti dinner and banana cream pie for dessert. Some highlights were:

* Singing Karaoke - lots of laughs. Jacki took video of this, so look for it on her blog sometime.

* Watching "Little house on the Prairie, Christmas at Plum Creek". This is Ryan's favorite. He watched Little house every day. This Christmas episode makes him cry every time. I'm not sure why.....So while we were watching it, Ryan kept getting defensive when anyone would mock the movie. It was hilarious to see him so dedicated tot he show. We had a good laugh.

*We all made a point to notice that "Craig" was not there this year, only Chad.

*Samantha played a few songs on her Violin for her Grandpa. It was beautiful! And I learned that Ross & Brynn had taken lessons together once upon a time.

*Ashton was deathly afraid of Ryan for some reason, it was pretty funny...he tolerated him when playing with the big train.

*Watching Amazing Race on the DVR - no commercials! It is way more fun to watch with a bunch of people who are also into it! That was great!

Then we watched part of Christmas Vacation - but decided it was time to leave when Ryan was asleep, and Jacki nearly so. All the kids slept on the way home (rarity!). Nancy and/or Brynn - please send me the recipe for those yummy candies! We had such a fun time and are tentatively planning some camping trips for this summer! I am already ready for the snow to leave!