Saturday, December 29, 2007

Becky's Wedding

This week I was able to go to my friend Becky Baddley's wedding. She and I went to high school together. We weren't in the same grade, but had some classes together. We enjoyed sharing an early morning squirt in math class. the good old days. :)

So Thursday I went to the sealing, that I wrote about in the last blog entry. Friday night I packed up the kids and picked Darin up from work. I think from now on I am going to call him when I leave home and tell him I am at the office. That way when he comes out, I'll be there and not having to wait 30 minutes! Grrr. So the directions that the lovely google maps gave us were inaccurate. If we had been in any other state, it might not have been that big of a deal, but in Utah, there are chapels on every corner so to speak. So we followed the directions, not quite to a chapel, but there is one nearby. We unload from the van, set up the double stroller and go in the church. Yeah...not the right one. There was some family Christmas party going on. Okay, back out into the freezing cold, back in the van, but the stroller away - and now we are on our own. The computer had us turn North when we should have gone south. Usually the Internet mapping programs are pretty reliable. We weren't the only ones that had problems, so I'm glad we weren't the only ones!

The reception was set up beautifully. Becky, if you can believe it, had ringlets in her hair and her wedding dress on. Gorgeous!! Tons of lace and jewels, not what I'd have expected from Becky. As you may remember, this is the girl that ALWAYS had her hair in a pony tail, wore a warm up suit and boxers. She was such a tomboy. My crusty Marshmallow! Her hubby was in his army uniform and looked very smashing. We visited with the Baddley's a little, ate some goodies. We were about to leave when in walks a blast from the past. Jeff Sayerwin and Piper Davis. I went with Jeff to his Prom in Rohnert Park, back in the day. He's now at BYU. It was fun to catch up a bit. He made some comment about my "passel of kids", but hey, they're mine and I love 'em! I am so happy I have them!

Becky's mom Sue took our pictures at our wedding. She did such a nice job. They are my favorites! She took the ones at the temple in the morning. She enjoyed meeting my kids and stuff. Everyone has changed a lot in the last few years! Becky & Brennon will be going to Georgia soon for Army stuff. I'm glad I have email so I can keep in touch with her. Congrats on the lovely wedding you two!~~~