Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brief Weekend Update

Ok, I am going to try and fit a lot in here, and not make it too long. We will see how well I do. Friday I went to the Post Office with all three kids. Holy craziness! Myra was screaming because she does not enjoy her car seat, and Violet and Ashton were running a muck. I tried to "control" them, but failed miserably. Thank goodness for the kind woman in line ahead of me. She helped swing Myra so I could wrangle the other two. Then she let me go in front of her in line - Heaven sent! Almost didn't survive that trip!

Friday night we played some fun games with Melissa and Shelby. It was a much needed break for them I think, what with the funeral and all. Saturday morning Violet went to a birthday party complete with clown. The clown did face painting and balloon animals and tricks. The kids loved it. Vi had her face painted with two princess crowns. And had a flower wand made out of balloons - I'm sensing a theme here...

We picked her up and headed to PG to our friend's the Coulson's. the idea was for Darin to help Mark with some Honey Do projects. They got started a couple of hours late, but managed to replace an electrical outlet (the house was built in '42) and put in a ceiling fan. Then we had dinner and rushed home. Jaylyn had shown up at our place by then, so we passed the kids off to her and headed down the street to another party. This was a lot of fun as well. We had the usual white elephant gift exchange. It's good company and lots of laughs. We had Myra with us, and she was a bit fussy...We ended up being one of the last ones there, and decided to stay and play some games. We played Sequence and Ticket to Ride for a couple of hours. The Bishop started to get tired (said something about early morning meetings...what church has those LOL)? It was fun!

Sunday was church - me trying to get ready for the new year - copies galore! temple recommend interviews and dinner with a family in the ward. Oh, and a two hour Primary meeting thrown in there somewhere too. Whew, busy busy. One of these days I will catch up with the rest of this week, but there is the over view.

PS - I swiped (3rd time stolen) a pair of fuzzy toes socks from my friend at the gift exchange. Yay for me. I love warm socks. And they are pink so Darin wont try and latch on to them. For some reason at the party, when I put the socks on, everyone thought I was trying to rub it into my friend that I took her feet were just cold! :)