Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

I might get "caught up" with blogging today. Wow! Christmas Eve was a pretty mello day. Darin worked a half day (about 5 hours) from home. I got up and started cleaning my kitchen. I still had dirty pans and cookie cutters everywhere from making Christmas cookies. AGHHH! So I quickly cleaned so I could make my pies. Deann had a great idea. Since we both wanted a variety of pies, but not tons of pies, we decided to each make two (besides our own pumpkins) and split them between us so we would each have 4 different pies. Deann made sweet potato and ended up with 3 of them, so she just gave us a whole pie, and blackberry cheesecake. Yum. I made Cherry and Peanut Butter.

She wanted to come and make the switch before the big storm. Well, it wasn't that big of a storm, but we still got about 4 inches out of it. We had a nice, white Christmas. Lets see, then we cleaned a little, pulled out the couch bed and snuggled up to watch Elf with popcorn. Violet laughed and laughed. Ashton made it through most of the movie. Carolyn came and dropped off two cute scar bears that she and Jennilyn from Intermountain Healing Hearts had been working on. They turned out so great. My kids carried them around for the rest of the night.

We dressed the kids up as Mary & Joseph. Ashton was so mad. He kept saying, "I don't want to be Jofess. No Jofess." So funny that he couldn't say Joseph. We read the Christmas Story and talked about Jesus, and why we celebrate Christmas. Then we set out milk and cookies for Santa, and open one present. Violet wanted to open the one from Uncle Josh and Aunt Renee. She got a sticker book with unicorns and fairies. I think she slept with it. Ashton got a magnetic construction yard. Violet and Ashton went to bed really well. Violet didn't even get out of bed to play with her toys like usual. I think she was excited for Santa, and didn't want him to come when she was still awake.

Darin and I didn't have too much to do. When putting together a bike, he had to get a hammer to fix part of it, but other than that it was uneventful. WE watched the end of It's a wonderful Life. We were in bed by 11 I think. Too bad I was up several times with Myra. Poor thing pukes a lot. Okay, it's spit up, but it is a mess.