Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Tag

Jenny tagged me for this. So, here we go.

Favorite Christmas song:Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. But, I am partial to anything Christmas. I have quite the collection and listen to them year round. I wouldn't want them to get dusty!
Favorite Christmas treat: My Grandpa Crooks Homemade Christmas Candy
What does your Christmas tree look like: Half of the lights have gone out. Sporadic ornaments on the bottom (Ashton has made me move them all up higher) and a funky bow on top because our old tree topper died and we haven't replaced it.
When do you start shopping for presents, on Black Friday or the day before Christmas? I too start thinking about Christmas and buying stuff in Aug/Sept. But it seems there is still always some last minute item I have to run out and get. I think I already know what that will be for this year...
Favorite Christmas tradition: Well, probably when I was little and my brother would sneak into my room (although I'm pretty sure my parent's knew) and we would lay in bed and talk and get all excited for Christmas. Fun times. I think we did this pretty much up until I was married and not living at home, eh Josh? I also loved our tradition of making Gingerbread houses. We always made 3. One for our family, one for Joshua to give to a friend, and one for me to give to a friend. My mom would occasionally make Sleighs to give away. Plus reading the Christmas story and dressing up as Mary and Joseph with a random doll as Jesus. Good Times!
Best holiday memory:Same as above.
Fake or real tree:Most of my childhood we had a real tree. Since then, I've had both and I think they both h ave their ups and downs. I don't prefer one over the other.
Favorite Christmas movie: All of them! I love Elf - Crack up laughing every time! And White Christmas, and While you were Sleeping, and The Christmas Box, and so many more!
What do you want for Christmas this year? So many things that cannot be given. To lighten other's grief. Since there isn't much I can do there, I'll take enjoying my family and being loved!
Favorite Christmas story: Twas the Night Before Christmas
People you want to tag: Michelle Z. and the Pattons. And as always anyone else who would like to participate!