Friday, December 21, 2007

Darin's Birthday Extraveganza.

Well, I suppose I may be exaggerating a bit. But, it was still a fun day. Darin went to work, nothing too unusual there. I attended a funeral for a little heart friend. The parents of this child had also had their first born pass on as well. The paternal grandfather and the father both spoke. Of course they sang "I am a child of God" which we sang at Elaine's funeral. I think the thing that stuck out the most to me was the acceptance that these parents have of the Lord's will. They know it is going to be hard, and want children so badly. They have had both of theirs die within a year. Both as innocent babies. Two completely different defects. And yet, are waiting for spirits they can raise at this time. It is a blessing to know where our children are, but so hard not to be with them, enjoying them at this moment. Someday it will happen, but the wait seems so long to us now. I hope this family, and the so many others who have had loved ones leave them, are able to feel at peace and be comforted. I hope you all know how often you are in my thoughts, and that I grieve with you.

Back to the Birthday. I was able to run a few errands since Jaylyn stayed home with Vi & Ashton. Darin had hinted that he would like an Ice Cream cake this year, rather than his usual German Chocolate cake. I found ones at a really good price ($13 for the size of a regular round cake). They had a few different choices. I got the Mud Pie because I thought it would have the most chocolate - which he enjoys.

When he got home, we fed the kids dinner, opened his presents - complete with "heavy heavy hang over"- (a drawing of a princess from Vi and a new Baseball glove). Dean helped with the purchase of the glove since I didn't know what would be a good one. Darin was surprised and likes it a lot. Then we put candles on the cake and sang Happy Birthday and the song my Grandpa Olsen always sings. I served the cake and it turned out that one of the ice cream layers wasn't chocolate, but, you guessed it, COFFEE. Yuck! I felt bad, but it wasn't too bad to eat around that part. I don't think Darin ate more than a bite though. Too bad.

After that Darin and I (and Myra) went to the Macaroni Grill for a birthday dinner. Dean and his girlfriend Lindsay (or maybe Lindsey - I'm not sure how she spells her name) had dinner with us. It was nice to eat at a leisurely pace and not worry about kids throwing food, being noisy etc.

Darin had a nice talk on the phone with his parents and also from mine. He also got a Birthday Card from his brother Roy and his wife Leslie. Thanks guys. It was a quiet birthday, but he is playing Enemy Territory (a computer game) with his brother, nephew and friend Shelby tonight as a sort of Birthday get together. I hope he is having fun downstairs. They are awfully noisy! :)


Mike & Rebecca said...

I hope you had a great birthday Darin!


Noni Andrew said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday. It is fun to get together with family. Hopy you got my card. Mom