Monday, December 17, 2007

The Dental stuff driving me Mental!

Let's go back a week ago (last Sunday) to us eating dinner after church. Violet got some food stuck between her teeth and got a tooth pick. As she proceeded to get the food out, she also managed to knock out her filling. As you may recall, Vi had decay on her front tooth that was removed and then filled in so her front teeth would look the same. Well, that chunk fell out. Why is all the work falling out after about a year? Hello! So I call and they can get her in Tuesday. We go and she does pretty good while they fill the tooth, and dry the filling etc. So it come to the end with just 10 seconds left. They need to smooth the filling and make it match the edge of her tooth. The whistler (aka drill) she says hurts and she has a complete break down. She won't let them finish. I tried bribery, threats of every kinds, coaxing and being nice. Nothing worked and so we had to schedule her to come back in, under medication / sedation to finish 10 SECONDS of work. I cannot believe it! Meanwhile Ashton and Myra are also both crying. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in what felt like eternity.

The story doesn't end here. We go and pick up Darin and go to lunch. Then we drop him off and head ho me. So we get stuck in traffic on the freeway (who knows why- there wasn't an accident). I decide to get off at Center street and try to go around. Everyone else is doing that too, so it is stop and go. As I get to Target Violet and Ashton both start complaining that their stomachs hurt and they are going to puke. Great, just what I want to do, clean up barf. So I pull over in Target parking lot to let their stomachs rest. I had wanted to run some errands that, at this point, I had given up on, and decided to take a chance that Target had what I wanted. So, we all went into the store. They don't have what I need so we get back in the van, I decide to go up to the next exit. As I am in the far left lane to turn on the freeway waiting, and incident management truck pulls on the freeway to stop traffic. I cannot move out of the lane since there is another lane also turning. Great, at this point all three kids are screaming and crying and I reached my breaking point. I start bawling too. All I want to do is get my kids home...and everything is standing in my way. It takes 20 minutes to creep up to the next exit. I get off, and drive another 20 minutes through town to finally get back on the freeway (which is moving fine now, BTW) and continue driving home. So what should have taken me 25-35 minutes took close to two hours. Deann can attest to the fact that I had lost it by then!

Fast forward to today. Darin "Forgets" to set the alarm, we wake up when we are supposed to be leaving in 15 minutes. Great. Grab kids in PJ's, hurry out and get there15 minutes late. Luckily I didn't forget Vi's drugs, which were a hassle to get. The Dr. had to call it in to the pharmacy multiple times. Some one, I don't know who, kept misplacing it or something. I went to pick it up, not called in. Hmmm, called the dentist, they said they did call, but would try again. Two days later it is finally actually done and pick up. It shouldn't be that difficult. At least I got smart and would call the pharmacy to make sure it was there before driving to get it.

So Vi gets doped up, things go fine. She also has a cleaning and x-rays done. Trying to get the most out of the sedation. Good news is she has NO NEW CAVITIES! Thank heaven for small miracles! Darin has a cleaning and has a chipped tooth he needs filled. He's not happy about having a numb mouth to talk to customers with today. Oops. Violet is still all loopy and goofy. She walks like a drunken sailor. She was eating and says, "Hey mom. You know the whistler, they should call it the Hurter. Then the pokey thing with pokeys on two sides, they could call that the whistler. It doesn't whistle, but it's the whistler, not the pokey one. Okay mom?" Do you think I should suggest to the dentist that he call the drill the "hurter?" Yeah right. She is making up all kinds of lyrics to songs. Pretty funny to listen to.

Now she has absolutely no space between her two front teeth. I hope that wont be a problem. I think he did that on purpose so we wouldn't have a repeat. He is more than likely sick of seeing us in his office. Plus betweent he dental experience and the funeral, I didn't get to go to volleyball at all last week. Boo Hoo. I am totally there tomorrow!


jenerekfamily said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I hate that story.

Brynn and Chad Eastman said...
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Brynn and Chad Eastman said...

I feel for your dental experience. I will give Violet and Ashton some pointers to help on Sunday ;)

Noni Andrew said...

What a bad day. At least you have to believe it can only get better. Noni