Monday, December 3, 2007

Festival Of Trees

The wait is finally over. I am posting about the Festival of Trees. So, it was a long and trying day to say the least. We got to Darin's work to pick him up, and waited 45 minutes in the parking lot. I didn't know that he was on a call for work. I called and talked to him as we were getting off the freeway. Then we waited and waited and he wouldn't pick up his phone anymore. Violet was worried about missing her friends, Ashton was crying and Myra was screaming. I tried to feed Myra, but could calm down Ashton. My head was pounding for the rest of the night.

Isn't she a cutie?!
Once we finally got to the event and found a place to park, Aston puked. Gross!!!! He had to lose the sweatshirt and wear his coat inside - it was superdy dooper cold. No, Ashton was not ill, just car sick. It was a stinky cold/wet mess to clean up and then finally go into the Festival.

We didn't have to buy tickets, we used our free ones that Nancy shared. When you donate a tree you get so many for free, so that was really nice. They kids had some Christmas money that they used to buy hot dogs and snacks to eat. We were able to meet up with the Quigleys, Pattons, & Evers from Intermountain Healing Hearts. Mandy was also still there with her two girls, so we hung out briefly before she headed home.

Violet ran around like a crazy woman. She got lost a couple of times.....Ashton wanted to touch everything and got strapped in the stroller which he wasn't pleased with and screamed forever!!! We looked at the beautiful trees, including some that our friends did, watched some dancers (violet's fav) and got balloon animals made by a clown. Neither of my kids actually got animals, Ashton got none other than a , you guessed it, SWORD, and Violet got a magic wand. Here is a picture of her with it. After Ashton got his sword, he wanted to fight every one. He found another little boy his size who had also gotten a sword, and they fought for about 10 minutes. It was the cutest thing. They were both so into it.

In side the building was extremely hot. We shed as much clothing as we could, but it was still uncomfortable. By the time we made it home, all three kids were wiped out. Myra doesn't like her car seat and screams in it. Violet didn't even wake up when we got home,and Ashton went straight to bed with no fuss. Myra even slept like 7 hours straight that night. :) yippie for me. Too bad all of her nights aren't that way. Here are a couple of shots of the tree.

Happy Birthday to Ross & Roy yesterday and Lisa today!! And to Janice Tomorrow!

Now I just need to write about our adventure at Desert Star.....


Janice said...

Thanks for wishing me a happy b-day, but I think you forgot to mention Roy! lol. Janice

Melissa said...

Thanks! I have that take care of now! :)