Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello 2008!

I am excited that tonight I will get to welcome in another year. 2007 was a busy year for us. I will post some highlights in a sec. First off I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Michelle & Roy had their baby girl Abigail Claire yesterday. She was 9lbs, 4oz. Pretty big girl. As I recall, mom was a 10 punder, so maybe she got off easy?

Okay, 2007....We started off with a bang. We went to California in January for my little brother's wedding. It is so weird to think of him as married, but he is, and we love Renee to pieces! They are both working and going to school, and have multiple callings int heir ward, so they are a teensy bit on the busy side!

**Violet Turned 4.

**I got pregnant!

**Darin's niece Brynn got married to Chad. That was a beautiful event, and we got a chance to see a lot of Darin's family.

**We wrapped up our book drive that we did for Primary Children's Medical Center in Elaine's Memory. We collected 1441 books. Then we went to the Zoo and the Cemetery the next day.

**We went to California again in June to celebrate Darin's Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. There was a lot of family there that I had not met before. There were some poems read that were written by Darin's grandmother Violet. We are lucky enough to have a copy of them. We also enjoyed seeing pictures of his family from way back when and hearing stories.

**Ashton turned two and entered into little boyhood. Crashing, climbing and wrecking things!

**We helped start a non-profit CHD support group called Intermountain Healing Hearts and we have made some real headway. It has been wonderful to get to know new families and to get the ball rolling with this.

**We had fun at Onion days and canning peaches (see previous posts).

**October 4th we welcomed a new baby girl, Myra Joanne, to our family. Look how much she has changed already!

**We did the Care Bear Tree for Elaine at the Festival of Trees.

**We attended many weddings and funerals for friends and family. Celebrated Birthdays and anniversaries. Darin and I have been married 7 years if you can believe it!

** We had a good Thanksgiving and Christmas, and are looking forward to a fun New Years Party tonight with friends. Thank you all for making our year fabulous and memorable. We love you! Happy New Year. We hope the best is yet to come for you and yours!


Noni Andrew said...

You have had a very busy and productive year! hurray!!. Keep up the good work. We are very proud of you all. Thanks for all you do.Love you Mom and Dad Andrew

Janice said...

I love the little "sleeper cell" in the lower right hand side of the family picture at the 50th anniversary party. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!