Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How the Newt Ging Grinch Stole Christmas

That was the title of our most recent adventure are Desert Star Theaters. As I am sure you can gather, it was the Christmas Show. It was pretty funny, with some nice jabs at Hillary Clinton. I laughed!

We went out on Friday night. We go with Aaron and Mandy and always have a blast! Darin's nephew Christopher babysat Vi & Ashton for us. We ate at the Texas Steak house. It was really busy and too loud for my taste. I would go deaf if I worked there! The food was extremely excellent!!! Although they forgot to bring me one of my sides....and I didn't realize until later that night. Oh well. It wasn't too pricey either. I had a peach lemonade which was yummy.

We had Myra with us, so that was distracting for me. Unfortunately Darin missed most of the fist half of the show because he was out with Myra. I would have gone, but I didn't want my ice cream to melt. It's too important!! ;) Right before intermission, our waitress spilled a root beer float all over our feet. Darin's nice overcoat was on the floor and got doused, along with his scarf and everyone's shoes. We weren't too thrilled about that. She didn't clean it up very well. Darin spent intermission cleaning up the floor....and now I have to take his coat to the dry cleaners. The lame thing is she didn't even apologize. Grrr.

Other than that mishap, the show was good. It followed a lot of the Grinch story line, but had great songs and as always, hilarious laughs. Personally I enjoyed the abominable snow monster that they blew up with a bomb. Myra slept in my arms for the second part of the show, and for the Olio. My wrist hurt afterwards, otehr wise it was fine. We ate, laughed and had fun despite the coooollllld. If anyone gets the chance, they should see a show. They are great!