Saturday, December 1, 2007

John Wayne

I am having issues with my so called "John Wayne" toilet paper. You know, it's rough, tough and doesn't take no crap of of anybody. At least that is what my brother tells me it is (ok, and Kenny). Anyway, I buy the generic brand at costco. It suits us just fine. I big issue though, is this last batch has about half of the rolls that weren't perforated. At All! So it is extremely difficult to tear off the tissue when you need it. Violet will pull off what she needs, and it won't tear on one side and she will have the roll basically torn in two. GRRRR. I should write to the company and tell them my frustrations!

We have gotten several inches of snow today, and it is still coming. I knew it would happen sooner or later, but I prefer later. I guess I should complain since it is the first day of December, and the first real snowfall we have had. I don't enjoy shoveling the car out of the drive way, driving in it and all that jazz. It looks pretty though. Someday my house will be warmer (our window are old and inefficient) and it will be even more enjoyable! Dreams....

Here is a picture of Myra in her cute blessing dress. Thanks for the picture dad. I am waiting to post about the festival of trees until I get some pictures from Cadie. Hopefully that will be soon. I am watching Darin in the freezing cold, try to shovel the driveway to go and get diapers at the store. It is quite the feat and taking a long time. He looks cold.