Monday, December 24, 2007

Pre Christmas Catch up

Since my children are currently busy, I thought I'd try and get a little caught up with my blogging before tomorrow.
Kaidence seems to be doing well so far with her new heart! Yay! Thursday was Darin's work Party. Jaylyn was here, and she watched the kids. I took Myra with me and picked Darin up from work. I had my neighbor do my hair. It was cute and curly. I'll try and get a picture up. As I picked up Darin, the huge storm hit. It took us an hour to get to point of the mountain. We were crawling!! We got to the party about an hour and a half late. We still made it in time for pictures and dinner and stuff, because everyone else was late too. One of the VP's got in a wreck in Parleys Canyon and made it there about 10pm.

Myra was pretty cranky, but thankfully she wasn't the only baby there. The food was good, as always. Darin won the top performer award for the account managers. He got a nice crystal/glass mouse (not the mammalian kind, the computer kind) with his name and stuff on it. He can display it at work. Good job Darin! I won the rosemary plant that was on our table because I had the birthday closest to March 18th. I'll do my best not to kill it, but my luck isn't so good with plants. There was a comedian/musician that was very very funny. Don't ask me the name, I don't remember. By the end of the night Myra was miserable - she wouldn't sleep since it was pretty loud. It snowed the entire time we were at the party and was icky by the time we left.

Driving home was hazardous. Since I had picked Darin up, we had to stop and get the van. I drove the car home and hated every moment of driving through the snow. It stresses me out so bad! I couldn't see much and was going like 20 MPH on the freeway. I made it home alive, without wreaking. Miracle! Darin got a birthday card in the mail from his mom on Friday and worked from home! That was nice. I had a ton of stuff to do for primary and the kids played out in all the new snow. It is snowing again, so we will be having a white Christmas tomorrow! Friday I also picked up part of my kids' Christmas from a neighbor. She gave us a train table with the pieces. It's used, but hey, I didn't have to buy it and my kids will have all kinds of fun!
Friday night Darin played games with Chris and Shelby & Dean. they had a lot of fun. Saturday morning Darin took Chris and Dean tot he airport. Then he went out and did a little Christmas shopping. I have been good and haven't peaked. I've learned that it is nice to have at least one surprise on Christmas morning! Saturday we made sugar cookies and decorated them. It was a lot of fun. We have tons. Anyone want some?

I will have to post about our Andrew Family party some other time....Myra is screaming. TTFN!