Friday, December 21, 2007

Where to Start???

It seems like there are so many things that I need to post about these days. It has been a busy week! Here are a few random things.......

**I love the Christmas season because it is the only time of year that we get anything in the mail besides bills and junk! Hooray for Christmas cards. I have all cards and pictures up in my house. I love seeing all of your lovely faces. Thank you!

**One of the girls (ok, I suppose I should say women...but that makes me feel old!) that I play volleyball with is also named Melissa. As you can imagine this can be confusing so we rarely play on the same team. Well, last week I found out that her husband's name is Darron. Two Darin & Melissa's! Well, her hubby's name is spelled differently, but it sounds the same! All I could think was do do do do (you know, twilight zone theme). Weird! Luck for us our children have different names!

**After two years of trying, I finally have my keys for Primary. I can open a closet and the doors at the church now. Amazing.

**The CD player in my car died a few months ago. Miraculously this week, it began to work again. I was stoked that I didn't have to fork out money I don't have, for a new one. Only bad thing is it stopped working again. I'm thinking there is some sort of short....any suggestions?

**In Myra Bean news, she discovered a new friend this week, in the mirror. Laugh Laugh giggle giggle grin. So cute! She also enjoys her play gym already and is starting to motate. She moved herself 180 degrees on it today. Whoa!