Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In the News!

We have had a lot of activity in the news lately for Intermountain Healing Hearts. There have been numerous articles and press conferences on Kaidence and her Berlin heart and her transplant. For more information you can go to the Salt Lake Tribune site. She has been doing very well with her transplant and is glad to be home!

There have also been some articles about Intermountain Healing Hearts. Here is one:
Parents form group to offer support, hope
By Brooke Adams The Salt Lake Tribune

Mike Patton Jr. remembers the agony he went through after learning his soon-to-be born daughter had a heart defect. Brinley Patton's heart was smaller than an almond when an ultrasound detected a problem just 22 weeks into Rebecca Patton's pregnancy. "It's kind of like being tied to the railroad tracks and the train is coming. I had never heard of a baby's heart defect," said Patton, of Riverton. "The feeling and emotion of the whole thing was one of loneliness and no support whatsoever." Today, Patton and Carolyn Quigley, of Santaquin, are working to ensure other parents of children with congenital heart defects get help through Intermountain Healing Hearts, a support group they have formed. So far, 53 families have connected with the support group, which has a Web site,, and a free telephone line, 800-397-1174. It also operates a Yahoo chat group, which gets 300 to 400 e-mail contacts a month. Primary Children's Medical Center performs about 20 heart surgeries a month, Patton said. "We'd like to see more research dollars put into finding out what is causing heart defects. Some are genetic, but most are not," Patton said. Kaidence Stephenson is one of the success stories that gives hope to parents. So is Brinley Patton, who was born in 2004. She had four heart surgeries in the first 30 months of her life; like many children with heart defects, she also had eye and hip problems that required surgery. Despite those challenges, she is a healthy, growing preschooler today, her father said. "I want to show [other parents] how well she's doing, that there is hope for them," Patton said. "Most of [our effort] is trying to get parents with [similar] diagnoses talking to each other."
It is so great to have our information out there. I hope that is can bring more families together!
There should be a couple more articles about the group next month for CHD Awareness Week. I can't wait!
I haven't heard from Darin yet on how his first day of work was. I hope it was great! Myra isn't sleeping. I get to listen to her cry all day and all night. Any suggestions?
In sad news, Heath Ledger was found dead today in New York. I really enjoyed his films.