Monday, January 7, 2008

It's all your fault!

Yes, that is what I heard today from my friend Deann. I had dropped by her house earlier today and Judy (20 months) was coloring at the table with magic markers. I said, " Your mom sure is brave, letting you have those!" Several hours later I get a phone call and Deann tells me that I jinxed her and that it is all my fault. I'm thinking, what in the world did I do?! Apparently Judy had gotten down from the table while Deann was getting dinner on, and had taken a pen with her. She has a cute little princess chair which she proceeded to color on. Yes it is the nice fabric chairs that rock. Deann sees that, takes the pen away, Judy gets in trouble and starts to cry.

As Deann is cleaning the chair - which she was able to get the marker out of by the way, Judy is standing there, crying and looking all pathetic. Then Judy pulls up a pant leg and, you guessed it, COVERED in marker. Judy gets the whole, that is naughty yadda yadda speech again. She cries more and pulls up the other pant leg. Even MORE marker there. As she is still crying and looking all sad at her mom with her big hazel eyes, she yanks up her shirt and yep, her tummy has changed colors as well. I laughed and I am certain Deann didn't appreciate that. Judy will be a different shade for a while. Oops, sorry to cause that Deann! ;)

On another note, I was so peeved last night. I watch Amazing Race on CBS. It is a fun, clean exciting show. Anyway the last 10-15 minutes was not shown last night because my station was having "Technical Difficulties," UGGGGGHHHH! I didn't know until today who had come in last, if they were eliminated, so forth. And I didn't get to see the end of the Detour. Not cool, especially seeing as how there are only a few teams left in the race! Come on people, if you are going to have technical problems, plan better and have them at the beginning of the episode. At the least they could have replayed what was missed,before the news or something. Bummer!

Violet had her filling fixed (and paid for I might add) again. She is so goofy when she is drugged up! Too bad she wouldn't just sleep it off. I think it gave her the munchies!@@