Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look At Us!

My parents had a big Bridal Fair this past weekend for their business. If you don't know, they now own a Suspended in Time franchise in Santa Rosa. It is a flower preservation business, and they are beautiful! They had put this one together and used a picture of Darin and me. Aren't we cute. The photo is a little glarey, but you can see how nice it looks. Anyway, I wanted to show it off. You all are who I get to show off to. :) Now I am off to read my book since Myra is finally sleeping. Two days of her screaming all day has completely drained me. If you could see me now, you would hardly recognize my lifeless form. I love my kids, I'm glad a got a bit of a break today (okay a meeting for primary isn't really a break, but it was different).


Noni Andrew said...

That picture is just beautiful!! I hope your parents get a lot of business. Hope you had a good rest. Let us know how Darin's job is and I saw that you had snow yesterday so I hope it wasn't too bad driving. Love you