Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Years Party

I am going to quickly try and post. I am still waiting for pictures from Darin. Maybe one of these days you will all get to see them.

Well, we were at the Torsak's for New Years, joined by the Marvels and the Coulsons. Thank heavens Santa brought a portable swing for Myra. It was a life saver! She slept in it from about 9pm until 2am when we woke her up to leave. We ate yummy yummy food, played games, talked, oh and there was this Wii that we played. Man, those things are a ton of fun!! I was surprised. Of course Darin is a natural, but I still had a lot of fun working up a sweat. The kids played and played. Violet was so excited to have Brynn to play with. I always have mixed emotions about that though. I'm glad they get a long so well, but it makes me sad because Elaine was only 1 month older than Brynn. Vi and Elaine would be having so much fun playing together right now!

The car CD player only worked that one day. Some freak accident I guess. Boo Hoo. I get to take Vi to the dentist on Monday - again - to get the same filling replaced. Yes, again. It has only been 2 weeks or so. We get to do the whole drug her up thing again. Yippie. (That was sarcasm if you were curious).

Darin's dad has this funny habit. When he watches old westerns, John Wayne for example, he likes to get out all his guns. He likes to hold one on his lap during the show, and line up the rest beside him or in front of him during the show. I actually don't know if he still is int he habit of doing this, but he did at one time, I've even witnessed it. So, the point to this story is that Ashton is like his grandpa. Darin was working from home and Ashton came banging on the door, asking for something. After much trial and error, Darin finally figured out that he wanted his Mr. Potato head. (He is kept in the closet to avoid lost pieces - or being stepped on). Ashton was watching Toy Story and had all of his Buzz Lightyears out on the table in front of him, and his woody, and he HAD to have the potato head too. Funny Funny.

Good Luck to ALEX who is recovering from his open heart surgery, and to all those with up coming procedures!


Mike & Rebecca said...

Tell the dentist to use super glue this time, and keep her away from the laughy taffy!!!