Sunday, January 13, 2008


We had our big Intermountain Healing Hearts meeting yesterday. I think that things are really moving a long. WE were able to meet a few new families, and stuff about 25 care bags. Our 501 (c)3 status is moving a long nicely, and is so much work! We are having a carnival at the hospital for CHD awareness week. that should be fun. There will be a FUN RUN/WALK this summer to raise awareness and money. Also a camp for families. I am bummed we will be out of town during the camp. Next year!

We also began our process for becoming volunteers at the hospital. There is a bunch of stuff (paper work, immunizations, TB test and orientations) that I need to try and get done ASAP. I hope I can remember it all! And who to call when. I guess if I can't remember, I can just call you, Mike - you remember everything from the meeting don't you?

So, this week I read the book Jake by Jack Weyland. It was pretty good - a quick read. We still have a lot of snow. It is annoying! And super dooper cold. In related, sad news, they took out the fountain in the main lobby at PCMC. They are doing construction on the whole lobby. I hear they are putting something new in, in it's place. Elaine loved strolling by in her wagon and throwing in money that she bribed off of nurses and Dr.'s. I always thought of her when I walked by, and now it is gone. The hospital has changed so much. I suppose that has to happen, but is sad. Kaidence is home! Yippie. After 98 straight days! Good luck with your new heart!


Brynn Eastman said...

Let us know when the run is, we are in!