Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where have all the postings gone?

I am sorry! I have gotten in a little bit of trouble this week from my dad for not posting since Tuesday. Not too much going on. I have been getting things figured out for Violets Birthday next week. I ordered her birthday gift and delivered invitations (4) to her little friends for her party, and sent out emails to family for the dinner on her Birthday. For those of you who have not responded, please let me know if you are coming so I can have enough food! Thanks!

Darin Started his new job this week. He hasn't been getting home too much earlier yet, he's staying after to play ping pong to get to know his new coworkers and such. The biggest blessing has been how much happier he is. I love that he comes home cheery and wants to play with the kids rather than hide in the basement on the computer. He is even mopping my floor right now! Thanks Weetie Wuv! I don't know why he didn't leave sooner! I don't think we realized how miserable he was. We are still in the process of finding new insurance and all that fun stuff, but it will be totally worth it. We also need to redo our budget (yeah!) and can now do our taxes since our W-2's are finally in.

In the IHH world, I had major drama trying to get my 2nd TB test done. I won't bore you with the details, but it got done and I am getting the test read today. Then I just have my stuff at PCMC to do. It sure is a lot of work, but I know that it will be so beneficial to families with heart kids. I am so excited about all of the things going on with the group. Everyone is working so hard!

Also, something that is so totally amazing, that you may have already read about, is the little girl whose blood type changed to her donor's (liver) blood type. I will send you to Noah's blog to read the article. She doesn't have to take anti rejection meds. Stem cells are amazing, and it looks like science is moving along and things will be improving for these heart kids - and all transplant patients. Anyway, it was extremely good news, I hope you are interested and want to read about it, because it is going to be the beginning of life changing Medicine!

My cousin Jenny had her baby boy this week. He is a cutie. His name is Henry (my next choice for a boy name, funny how we have the same taste! ). Mom and baby are home and doing well. We are so excited for them. They sure will have their hands full with two (almost) 5 year olds and a newborn. Yippie for babies!
Tonight Darin and I are going on a double date with our neighbors that currently live across the street. We are excited to go out. We are trying a new (for us) restaurant that everyone has been raving about. Then we will probably catch a movie. Violet has been gone all day at a friends house, it's eerily quiet. She is having so much fun though. Sunday there is a new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on CBS and the Jane Austin Masterpiece theater! Two great shows. I can't wait. I hope that is enough of an update for you all.
I hope that Handen starts feeling better (pneumonia) and the Rudds, and all the Heart kids (Noah, Brinley etc. ) that are fighting RSV. Forget your troubles come on get Healthy!