Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are the Champions, My friends!!

You should all be singing that song, in your heads right now, thinking about ME!!!! I am so stoked that the team I played on was UNDEFEATED in our division for the Nebo Volleyball Tournament. We played Wednesday and Thursday. I played with my friend Jennie's team since they had lost a couple of players. It was an adjustment playing with new people and with a strange rotation. I eventually got the hang of things and we rocked! We got tee shirts which are actually rather cute. I wore mine today to volleyball at the church. I am excited we played so well and that we had a lot of fun! Go Us!

In other super exciting news, my order from Target came today. They had a bunch of super cute dresses on clearance ($10-$15). Most fit well and are so fun. I haven't had new cute church clothes for a while. Hurray for great deals! And the sun is out. It's supposed to be so nice and warm on Saturday, I can't wait. We are taking the kids to get their pictures taken on Saturday. I hope Myra is less cranky from her shots by then.
For Clarification on the Quiz to the right. The Melissa A. is not me, but was actually Darin taking the test but I had forgotten to log out. Oops. Way to go you 100% ers. I think Renee had some help though. Maybe not. And Jacki (who scored 0) we need to hang out more, obviously you need to come over and at least look at my house ;) !

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Take the True friend Quiz Go here to take this fun quiz and see how well you know me. I admit parents shouldn't take this because it will be too easy for them Good Luck all!

Doctors Visit

We were finally able to take Myra in for her 4 month check up. We were between insurances for a couple of weeks - what with the new job and all. Anyway, I had Violet's 5 year appointment at the same time.

Myra: 12 lbs 6 oz (11%tile)
24.6 (46%tile)

Violet: 38lbs 8 oz (41%tile)
40.1 (9%tile) - They double checked this to make sure - yep she's short.
The Dr. said she carries her weight well and doesn't look too short for her weight. That's good. Violet was already up to date with her kindergarten shots and didn't need any. She did have to pee in a cup. Myra got 4 shots plus the rotavirus vaccine. Ashton was glad that it wasn't him getting shots. Myra is a bit cranky, but Tylenol helps.

Myra weighs less now than Ashton did when he was 2 months old. At 4 months he was already 15 lbs. At 4 months Elaine was 11 lbs. Way to go Elaine! Violet was 14 lbs 10 oz when she was 5 months old. So Myra looks to be smaller like Elaine. We are planning on introducing rice cereal today, so maybe she will "bulk up."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The polls are in!!!

My dad has been asking me about everyday... Is the poll over, because I want to know the right answer. He and my mom are certain that the chose correctly. How could they not know their own grandchildren, right?

This is MYRA taken recently while she was playing on the play gym.

This is a picture of ELAINE taken when she was about 6 months old. She is wearing clothes that currently fit Myra.

This is VIOLET on her blessing day. She is one month old and being held by her Great Aunt Donna.

Yes, this is my boy ASHTON. It was right before his first birthday. I made Darin wait to cut his hair. He has always loved his food!

So, in this poll the Majority ruled! It was the last answer. Sorry, mom, dad, Joshua, Renee? and anyone else who guessed incorrectly. You need to spend more time with your grandchildren, nieces & nephews (or how ever you are related!). I was right, it was way too easy! I have another new funny - well to me anyway- poll coming soon!

I need a new brain

Sometimes I am sure that I have used up all of my brain cells. What with Elaine and her medical issues/meds/appointments.....Being pregnant 4 times I think has also killed them off....and the lack of sleep for the end of a pregnancy and the first like 6 months of my babies life have all taken a toll. It is embarrassing when I have moments that prove this theory.

A couple of days ago I pulled out my sewing machine to start working on some more baby blankets as I was down to one and there are several people I know about to have babies. So I set up the machine, re- threaded it and began to put int he bobbin, and I could not for the life of me, get the darn thing to work. I could not get the machine to, when turning the knob on the side, to more forward. I had no problem going backward..but wouldn't go forward. After messing with it for a while, I called my mom, who can usually help me solve everything.

So I explained my dilemma and she suggests I call my Grandma Crook, how is like a car mechanic for sewing machines. She likes to take them apart and put them back together to see how they work. This was new news to me which I chuckled at! ;) So I gave her a call and she first inquired to the age of the machine. Only 3 or 4 years old, bought new. OK, she gave me several ideas to check. I checked for jammed string, couldn't find any, I checked the needle to see that it was in correctly. Check. I checked the foot. It was fine. I checked the back stitch lever to see if it had somehow stuck. I had no way to really tell. It looked like it was working fine to me, but obviously, what do I know? No brain cells, remember. Eventually I get around to checking the top where you wind the bobbin. Low and behold, that had been switched on. I but it back and WOW, my machine works. Amazing, and boy did I feel dumb that I could figure that out. Thank heavens for grandmothers who know it all!

I know I have been tagged for a couple of things. I'm planning on getting to them soon...I think. Plus, the "who am I " poll closes today and I know my dad in anxious to see the results. He thinks he is correct, but we shall see....

Monday, February 25, 2008

Squeeky Shoes

A friend and I recently purchased some squeaky shoes for our children. If you are not familiar with them I will describe them a little for you. they come in a variety of styles and have and air pocket/cushion in the heel. When the child steps on the shoe, the air passes through a squeaker on the side and the shoe squeaks. They are great for public places so you can keep track of your child. For the first few days, Ashton would wake up and the first thing he would ask for were his squeaky shoes. They do drive you a little nuts if your children are wearing them and constantly running all over the house. Vi and Ashton do this on occasion. We got such a good deal on the shoes. They are sold in shoe boutiques for $55 a pair, and we got them for $4 - $7 a pair. Not bad. They are the same exact shoes. I love deals! Thank you, Melissa for getting me this great deal!


Ok, this post is going to be a mommy bragging about her daughter.

Sunday was the cutest thing. As a mom, these are the moments that make you feel that you are doing something right.

Violet had a toy Barbie phone. It makes noises and "talks" to you. Violet was playing with said phone and barbie asked, "Do you want to go shopping today?" Violet then said, "not today Barbie, it's Sunday. We can go tomorrow." Wow! I was stunned. What a great thing to say to a toy!n I'm glad Violet is learning and understanding some of the gospel. Now let's just hope this keeps up.

Happy Belated Birthday to Brooke! I hope that it was fabulous!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ET Phone Home

The kids stayed with a babysitter last night until Darin go home from work while I was at PCMC finishing up the volunteer Family - to - Family program orientating. Violet got ahold of the babysitters phone and said, " MOM, I'm going to call you." I thought, ok, she knows our number - but can she recognize the numbers well enough, and figure out how to send the call. So I told her to go ahead and try. Amazingly enough, my phone began to ring and it was Violet. Wow, she's smart! I've never taught her how to use a phone. It is could to know she can, and knows my number!

Myra has discovered that she has feet within her grasp. Funny girl. She wont sleep, but she's cute when she plays with her socks and pulls them off. She is always so surprised!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Dirty Diaper Count

4 month old - 2
11 month old - 3
2 year old - 1
2.5 year old - 0

I watched some kids this morning (9am-1pm) for a sister who had knee surgery. This was the tally for dirty (number 2) diapers by the time they left. Thankfully Violet can use the toilet! Whew, it was a stinky day! :) I'm glad Ashton has slowed down and only has abuot one a day now. That really helps out!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who am I?

I have a new little poll for you all to vote on. I know you are shocked that I haven't had one for a while. It's the spell check not working. It's thrown me off! J/K!
So, the poll, I think is super easy, but I hope that it stumps a few of you. Maybe. I numbered the pictures to the right, and then gave 5 different choices for answers. Good luck!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Web Site Update

The Intermountain Healing Hearts website ( had a facelift over the weekend. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, long hours, and dedication! The donation page had to be removed. You can still mail in a donation if you feel so inclined. It will be up and running as soon as we get more paperwork/lisences from the state. There is a lot of components that go into setting up a non profit organization. I had no idea. On the website now, you can view a slide show. I guess it is more like a public service announcememnt. It has a lot of pictures of the different kids, and voice over about their life/defect. Check it out! Elaine is on it, there is even a picture of my mom! I'm sure she'll love that. LOL!

I am planning on making some changes to Elaine's website ( I'll be adding some info on IHH. What else would you like to see on there? New pictures? If you ahve any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

Do the Fondue!

Friday was our long awaited Fondue party with the Marvels! It is always so much fun and I am amazed at how much I can eat! It was so yummy, but of course, not without incident. Aaron couldn't find the extention cord that he usually used, so he made do with some finagaling. A power strip was involved amd some other cords. So as the pots were heating up...A fuse blew. Well, that's what we thought. Basically there was a short somewhere which took out the ceiling light/fan and the top half of the outlet (the one we had been using). We moved everything to the second outlet and enjoyed the rest of the evening in semi darkness. I hope it is an easy fix, I think they were going to let dad deal with it...

So, crazy Ashton wouldn't fall asleep and was up until like 2am. All the other kids fell asleep. Poor boy. He did sleep in until 10 am the next morning. I think that helped. Saturday we cleaned, the kids played in the snow and Darin made the most spaghetti I have ever seen. It was very good. Gerran, Chris & Dean came over and ate dinner and played D & D. We are such nerds! It was fun, I won't bore you with the details. ;)

Sunday was a hectic day at church. 3 nursery leaders didn't show up, and getting others to help out in there is like asking them to get a root canal. This week is looking mighty busy as well. Two nights I have to get a baby sitter. Darn! That's always a pain. I hope everyone has had a good weekend.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Anime Hair

I have wanted to post about this for a while, but it seemed like other things kept taking it's place.

For some reason there is a trend here in Utah to have either Anime Hair, or what is lovingly referred to as "chicken butt" hair. I have a couple of good friends who, bless their hearts, have Anime hair. It doesn't look bad, I just expect it to be purple or green. It is a shot cut, which is A - Line. the back is much shorter than the front. Whatever. I was expecting that with the Anime Hair, they would also posses the ability to, when scared, have the hair literally stand on end like in the movies. Or maybe poof out when they smile. Nope, no involuntarily moving hair. Bummer, that would be entertaining!

The chicken butt style is also a short cut where the back is spiky and goes all over the place. It literally looks like a chicken butt. I have seen this hair do with many of the women who play City League Volleyball. Trends? I hope short lived ones if they are.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy CHD Awareness Day!!

Happy Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day and Valentine's day!! I hope it is filled with hearts and love!
I heard a rumor that Pier 49 pizza is donating all of their proceeds for today, to The American Heart Assosiation. Maybe next year we will have to talk to them about donating to Intermountain Healing Hearts! I handed out a few fliers and stickers today. Next year when Violet is in school, I can plan a presentation there. Plus, maybe I'll be getting a little more sleep.

Myra was up every two hours. It is soooo draining. She is tired, I am tired. She wont even nap today! Grrrrr. Babies! She needs sleep.

Violet has these weird bumps on her body (torso, legs and arms). They aren't red, the look slightly like zits, but they are flesh colored. It looksl ike there is something in them (clear fluid). She has had them for a couple of weeks. She finds a few new ones each day. There is either a cluster of them, or just one. She only has like a total of 30, and that's pushing it. They aren't going away though. Any suggestions? I can't take her to the DR. since our Health insurance hasn't started yet. He would probably just say they are from a virus and there isn't anything you can do about them. They don't itch or hurt. I'm at a loss.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! I found some San Francisco Giants fleece yesterday and made Darin a blanket. It is super warma nd he LOVES it!! I had fun making it for him, and it was easy. Happy day late Birthday to my Aunt Donna! Happy Birthday to my Late Grandma Olsen too! Thinking about you, and of course all of our heart friends and Elaine today. We love you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


On Saturday while at the hospital, I ran into one of Elaine's nurses. She took care of Elaine April of 2003 when she was on the floor. Then in 2004 she took care of her in the PICU. Elaine's favorite character was Buzz Lightyear, and this particular nurse went by the nick name of Buzz. I guess her brothers had called her that since she was little. Elaine thought it was great to have someone named Buzz looking after her. It was nice to run into her. She now works as a nurse in the operating rooms. She remembers Elaine and says she thinks about her all of the time. That makes me feel so good. To know that people besides her imediate family think about her. Sometimes you feel like every one has forgotten them. Thanks you for remembering!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Drama

Ok, so this weekend has been madness. I haven't had time to sit down and relax, but that's ok. It's been good. Friday was fun. We went to dinner with our friend gerran and his (imaginary) girlfriend Emily. We actually just wanted proof that she was real. j/k

Darin was supposed to meet us at the restraunt, but got delayed at work and was 45 minutes late. It was not fun for me trying to battle three kids. Violet and Ashton were all over the place - hanging over the bench, throwing food climbing under the table. I was trying to eat food while holding Myra. We didn't have anyone spilla ny drinks, so that was good. By the time Darin showed up, I was ready to run away! We survived and played games at our house for the rest of the evening. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning I had a meeting with Intermountain Healing Hearts to kick off CHD awareness week. We met at the hospital and set up a table. We put out information, free books, squishy balls, pencils and candy. We also took 500 sugar cookies around to the different departments (PICU, NICU, parent waiting rooms, infant unit, surgery and cardiology) and even gave one to the security guy. We were able to meet several of our newer members. There had been an article in the Daily Herald that morning about our group, and we had people come who had seen that. Wonderful! Way to go! I had a great time visiting with others in the group and meeting all the new families. A couple of the moms are still expecting, so good luck with the up coming births and the whirlwind of activity that will ensue! Myra and I were the only ones from our family who went to the activity. I didn't want to be chasing kids everywhere. When I got home we had some friends drop by. Why is it that my children, Violet in particular, misbehave when friends are over. They think they can get away with anything. So...tomorrow Vi will have a lot of cleaning and stuff to do.

Then we went over to our friends house. We BBQ'd steak and had potatos and jello and lots of yummy food. The kids "played" in the play room. Ok they made the biggest mess ever, which took like an hour to clean up. Ashton kept climbing on everything. Violet got injured a few times, but it was fun. I sucked at the games....but had a blast. Thanks guys!

So, on to the drama. As you may know we had been scheduled to sing in sacrament meeting today. We practiced last saturday amd desided to practice again on Wednesday. The pianist didn't show. I figured she'd forgotten. I called her and left a message. So Thursday night comes, haven't heard from her, I call her againa nd leave a message. Friday, I call several times. Saturday I'm beginning to worry because it's like 24 hours away. I call like 100 times, leave a couple of messages...At this point I'm thinking, did she go out of town, did we offend her, is she in her house dead? What is the deal? No one knows anything, neighbors, friends so forth. Sunday morning se can't decide if we are going to cancel or try and get someone else to play last minute. Our church is at 1pm. I have someone go over to her house at 11am, no answer. Crap! 11:30 I get a phone call from her. Holy Cow Woman! She's like, oh, I was really busy this week and I forgot about Wednesday. Do you still want to practice today? I'm like YEAH! I'm so unsure about my part and nervous. I have proof - a zit! Anyway, we practiced a few times before church and it ended up going well. I only got compliments - but its church what else are people going to say? Whew, I'm glad that it is over and done with. So that is the Saga of the day.

Mike kept saying things on Saturday and was so worried that "it's going to end up on your blog." He is one of few people who read it, so yes Mike, I'm putting it on my blog. Your "festival of Crees" and all of the silly other remarks I cannot remember at the moment. If they come to me I'll add them. I've created a section in your honor, so when you feel the need to add/change something, let me know! :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

The poll

Well, it looks like it was me and one other person (jen) to answer correctly. I admit that I may have had an unfair advantage, but that's the perk to voting on my own poll. Ashton has been saying that he wants to be an astronaut. I think this stems for the Buzz Lightyear obsession. He has also informed me he will be having a rocket ship birthday cake/party. Funny Boy.

So, I am a little worried about who will be leading our great nation after the elections. McCain is an old fart! I don't even think he will live through the election, let alone 4 years in the White House. Hillary is a joke. So, I don't know who I want running things. Tough choices.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Myra Bean Update

We have had a rollover!! Not involving a car, but Myra. She occassionally rolls either from back to tummy or vise versa. A couple of nights ago she was "sleeping" in her crib and her cry sounded weird. I went in to find her on her bely with her face smashed in her bumper. Crazy girl! She scoots with her feet and pushes herself until she can't go any more. That's how she made it to the bumper. The kids is only 4 months old. Make it stop! :) She is cute and we love her!

As Time Goes By..

Some weekes I feel like it has flown by, and I look back and think to myself, what did I even get accomplished? Hmm, nothing, my house is still a wreck and I have a to do list the length of the Mississippi. Oh well.

Yesterday I went to PCMC to finish up my volunteer paper work. Miracle of Miracles, things went smooth. I encounter no problems and now have my badge and parking pass. Yippie. I am excited to be able to visit more with families there, and help out where I can. Myra is getting a little older where I may not have to drag her around everywhere with me. Nothtat I mind, except I can't take her in the PICU and understand. Our website for Intermountain Healing Hearts ( has had some recent additions. One of which is the donations page! We can now accept donations as a 501 (c)3 non profit organization. What this means for you who donate, is that your donation is tax deductable!!! Any one and everyone, please check out the web site! Pass it along to friends and family.

Thank you to Mandy who watched Vi and Ashton for me yesterday. Happy Late Birthday to my long time friend, SueZann. She is getting married this summer and I am so excited for her and Jeremy! Lost and Smallville are new tonight! Yes! Finally something besides reruns! Oh, and does anyone know what is up with the blogger spell check function not working?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Follow the Prophet

The church held a press conference today and named Thomas S. Monson the new President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I am excited to see what he with accomplish with his new stewardship. I will miss President Hinkley, but change is the only thing that never changes!

Violet had a lot of fun on Saturday with her detective party. Her four little friends had a good time too! Sunday she was a little roudy at church,a syou can imagine. Since church isn't until one, we let her open her gifts that she had gotten in the mail. Thanks everyone! Her dad even made her pancakes for breakfast! Yummy. Unfortunatly there was a lot of snow in much of the state on Sunday. We didn't any in Payson until after 6pm. Elysia and her kids were the only ones who could make it on Sunday, and Chris came for a little bit before his girlfriend got home. We had fun, lots and lots of food. We gave some food to our neighbors. I have an entire birthday cake left too. All in all, I think she had a good day. Now if I could only get Myra to sleep once in a while. Waking up every 2 hours at night is draining the life out of me. She's not a newborn! She is rolling over now. I need sleep!

To everyone that is sick...Get Better Soon! No more ear infections, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, RSV, Strep or anything else you all have. We don't like germies, they are no fun. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

It has been snowing little by little all day. It's adding up. I need to finish the laundry. Audios!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey, I know him!

Last night Darin and I watched "The Singles 2nd Ward." It wasn't quite as funny as the first one, but still worth watching. So, we get to the part where the girls' home teachers are over and Darin says, "Hey I know that guy. He was on the mission with me. He was an AP." If you have seen the movie, it is the home teacher that was wearing the red shirt. It's not everyday you watch a movie and see someone you know! I loved how they kept referencing other movies that the actors had been in (RM, Saints and Soldiers etc.). Funny!

So there are a bunch of movies that I want to see that are either coming out or are out. We used to have MVP with Hollywood, and I've missed it!

Violet had her friend birthday party today and man, did she get spoiled. The girls did a little scavenger hunt/detectiving. They solved a mystery. Opened gifts, had cake and ice cream and played. I think that the girls had fun. I know Violet did. I took a funny picture of them with their "disguises" on. I'll post it when I can.

Myra can roll over now. She is growing up! Boo Hoo.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Last Week

So, a couple of things, last week during the passing of the sacrament, Violet was quietly singing "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus." I thought that it was the cutest thing ever!

So during the talks our Bishop got up and left the meeting about four times. A couple of times he had his phone to his ear, and one time he took one of his counselors with him. Come to find out there was a mentally unstable man who lives up the Canyon in the back of the cultral hall (which is open because we need the seating). He is dressed not church clothes - no biggie. But he hadn't been taking his meds and was talking to himslef, saying things like, "There sure are a lot of people here!. I could do a whole lot of damage." He was plotting something in his mind. A couple of families got freaked out and left for home. People in the ward know this man and could tell he wasn't taking his medicine and were able to get him the help he needed. I guess that is a pretty good reason to keep walking out on Sacrament Meeting. A little scarry, but nothing happened. Definitly better than the week the toilets didn't work (we only have one set) and kids were peeing their pants. Not a fun day in Primary!

Sorry if things are mispelled, but the spellchecker isn't working for some mysterious reason, and I cannot spell to save my life! Tomorrow Vi has her little party with her friends. I'll post pictures!


I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my kiddos. Enjoy!