Friday, February 15, 2008

Anime Hair

I have wanted to post about this for a while, but it seemed like other things kept taking it's place.

For some reason there is a trend here in Utah to have either Anime Hair, or what is lovingly referred to as "chicken butt" hair. I have a couple of good friends who, bless their hearts, have Anime hair. It doesn't look bad, I just expect it to be purple or green. It is a shot cut, which is A - Line. the back is much shorter than the front. Whatever. I was expecting that with the Anime Hair, they would also posses the ability to, when scared, have the hair literally stand on end like in the movies. Or maybe poof out when they smile. Nope, no involuntarily moving hair. Bummer, that would be entertaining!

The chicken butt style is also a short cut where the back is spiky and goes all over the place. It literally looks like a chicken butt. I have seen this hair do with many of the women who play City League Volleyball. Trends? I hope short lived ones if they are.


Noni Andrew said...

Is this you new hair do? It is always fun to have a change. Sometimes it even changes how you act. Oh,Oh watch out.Love you.

Mike & Rebecca said...

Follow the trend...chicken butt!?!? Melissa this would look sooo cute on you. Maybe I'll think of something else...people can do with their hair, change my name to Jose Eber and make some real money with some silly "do" that "the followers" would cling to...