Thursday, February 7, 2008

As Time Goes By..

Some weekes I feel like it has flown by, and I look back and think to myself, what did I even get accomplished? Hmm, nothing, my house is still a wreck and I have a to do list the length of the Mississippi. Oh well.

Yesterday I went to PCMC to finish up my volunteer paper work. Miracle of Miracles, things went smooth. I encounter no problems and now have my badge and parking pass. Yippie. I am excited to be able to visit more with families there, and help out where I can. Myra is getting a little older where I may not have to drag her around everywhere with me. Nothtat I mind, except I can't take her in the PICU and understand. Our website for Intermountain Healing Hearts ( has had some recent additions. One of which is the donations page! We can now accept donations as a 501 (c)3 non profit organization. What this means for you who donate, is that your donation is tax deductable!!! Any one and everyone, please check out the web site! Pass it along to friends and family.

Thank you to Mandy who watched Vi and Ashton for me yesterday. Happy Late Birthday to my long time friend, SueZann. She is getting married this summer and I am so excited for her and Jeremy! Lost and Smallville are new tonight! Yes! Finally something besides reruns! Oh, and does anyone know what is up with the blogger spell check function not working?