Monday, February 18, 2008

Do the Fondue!

Friday was our long awaited Fondue party with the Marvels! It is always so much fun and I am amazed at how much I can eat! It was so yummy, but of course, not without incident. Aaron couldn't find the extention cord that he usually used, so he made do with some finagaling. A power strip was involved amd some other cords. So as the pots were heating up...A fuse blew. Well, that's what we thought. Basically there was a short somewhere which took out the ceiling light/fan and the top half of the outlet (the one we had been using). We moved everything to the second outlet and enjoyed the rest of the evening in semi darkness. I hope it is an easy fix, I think they were going to let dad deal with it...

So, crazy Ashton wouldn't fall asleep and was up until like 2am. All the other kids fell asleep. Poor boy. He did sleep in until 10 am the next morning. I think that helped. Saturday we cleaned, the kids played in the snow and Darin made the most spaghetti I have ever seen. It was very good. Gerran, Chris & Dean came over and ate dinner and played D & D. We are such nerds! It was fun, I won't bore you with the details. ;)

Sunday was a hectic day at church. 3 nursery leaders didn't show up, and getting others to help out in there is like asking them to get a root canal. This week is looking mighty busy as well. Two nights I have to get a baby sitter. Darn! That's always a pain. I hope everyone has had a good weekend.