Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Drama

Ok, so this weekend has been madness. I haven't had time to sit down and relax, but that's ok. It's been good. Friday was fun. We went to dinner with our friend gerran and his (imaginary) girlfriend Emily. We actually just wanted proof that she was real. j/k

Darin was supposed to meet us at the restraunt, but got delayed at work and was 45 minutes late. It was not fun for me trying to battle three kids. Violet and Ashton were all over the place - hanging over the bench, throwing food climbing under the table. I was trying to eat food while holding Myra. We didn't have anyone spilla ny drinks, so that was good. By the time Darin showed up, I was ready to run away! We survived and played games at our house for the rest of the evening. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning I had a meeting with Intermountain Healing Hearts to kick off CHD awareness week. We met at the hospital and set up a table. We put out information, free books, squishy balls, pencils and candy. We also took 500 sugar cookies around to the different departments (PICU, NICU, parent waiting rooms, infant unit, surgery and cardiology) and even gave one to the security guy. We were able to meet several of our newer members. There had been an article in the Daily Herald that morning about our group, and we had people come who had seen that. Wonderful! Way to go! I had a great time visiting with others in the group and meeting all the new families. A couple of the moms are still expecting, so good luck with the up coming births and the whirlwind of activity that will ensue! Myra and I were the only ones from our family who went to the activity. I didn't want to be chasing kids everywhere. When I got home we had some friends drop by. Why is it that my children, Violet in particular, misbehave when friends are over. They think they can get away with anything. So...tomorrow Vi will have a lot of cleaning and stuff to do.

Then we went over to our friends house. We BBQ'd steak and had potatos and jello and lots of yummy food. The kids "played" in the play room. Ok they made the biggest mess ever, which took like an hour to clean up. Ashton kept climbing on everything. Violet got injured a few times, but it was fun. I sucked at the games....but had a blast. Thanks guys!

So, on to the drama. As you may know we had been scheduled to sing in sacrament meeting today. We practiced last saturday amd desided to practice again on Wednesday. The pianist didn't show. I figured she'd forgotten. I called her and left a message. So Thursday night comes, haven't heard from her, I call her againa nd leave a message. Friday, I call several times. Saturday I'm beginning to worry because it's like 24 hours away. I call like 100 times, leave a couple of messages...At this point I'm thinking, did she go out of town, did we offend her, is she in her house dead? What is the deal? No one knows anything, neighbors, friends so forth. Sunday morning se can't decide if we are going to cancel or try and get someone else to play last minute. Our church is at 1pm. I have someone go over to her house at 11am, no answer. Crap! 11:30 I get a phone call from her. Holy Cow Woman! She's like, oh, I was really busy this week and I forgot about Wednesday. Do you still want to practice today? I'm like YEAH! I'm so unsure about my part and nervous. I have proof - a zit! Anyway, we practiced a few times before church and it ended up going well. I only got compliments - but its church what else are people going to say? Whew, I'm glad that it is over and done with. So that is the Saga of the day.

Mike kept saying things on Saturday and was so worried that "it's going to end up on your blog." He is one of few people who read it, so yes Mike, I'm putting it on my blog. Your "festival of Crees" and all of the silly other remarks I cannot remember at the moment. If they come to me I'll add them. I've created a section in your honor, so when you feel the need to add/change something, let me know! :)


Susan said...

I hate it when people totally drop off the face of the planet when they're responsible for something. Glad you're singing went well anyways.

Mike & Rebecca said...

Hey I made the quote of the day!!!
Is that good? Not sure, I'm glad your memory has failed you as to the rest of my antics...I've been highlighted on your blog with my own spot, maybe this could turn into something and I could quit my day job?!?!


Noni Andrew said...

I'm glad you got to sing on Sunday, but you didn't say what you sang. I have wanted you to sing, you both have such nice voices. You need to share and the more you do the better you will get. I wish I could have been there. The rest of the weekend really does sound busy. Love you Grandma Noni