Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy CHD Awareness Day!!

Happy Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day and Valentine's day!! I hope it is filled with hearts and love!
I heard a rumor that Pier 49 pizza is donating all of their proceeds for today, to The American Heart Assosiation. Maybe next year we will have to talk to them about donating to Intermountain Healing Hearts! I handed out a few fliers and stickers today. Next year when Violet is in school, I can plan a presentation there. Plus, maybe I'll be getting a little more sleep.

Myra was up every two hours. It is soooo draining. She is tired, I am tired. She wont even nap today! Grrrrr. Babies! She needs sleep.

Violet has these weird bumps on her body (torso, legs and arms). They aren't red, the look slightly like zits, but they are flesh colored. It looksl ike there is something in them (clear fluid). She has had them for a couple of weeks. She finds a few new ones each day. There is either a cluster of them, or just one. She only has like a total of 30, and that's pushing it. They aren't going away though. Any suggestions? I can't take her to the DR. since our Health insurance hasn't started yet. He would probably just say they are from a virus and there isn't anything you can do about them. They don't itch or hurt. I'm at a loss.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! I found some San Francisco Giants fleece yesterday and made Darin a blanket. It is super warma nd he LOVES it!! I had fun making it for him, and it was easy. Happy day late Birthday to my Aunt Donna! Happy Birthday to my Late Grandma Olsen too! Thinking about you, and of course all of our heart friends and Elaine today. We love you!


Kenny & Michele Kingsford Family said...


I know exactly what Violet has, I just can't remember the big technical name right now. Anyway, most of my children have, what they call "spots". The pediatrician says it's a skin complection problem due to dry skin. He told me he had only seen it here in Utah where our climate is so dry. We have tried a few different perscrition lotions and things over the years and haven't found anything that gets rid of them. Some of my kids have them worse than others. Lotion at least once a day seems to keep them from getting worse though. Save your time and money, DON'T take her to the doctor.

Hope that helps,

Melissa said...

Thanks so much Michele! I will try that for sure!
I hear the video turned out fabulous!! Goos job!