Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey, I know him!

Last night Darin and I watched "The Singles 2nd Ward." It wasn't quite as funny as the first one, but still worth watching. So, we get to the part where the girls' home teachers are over and Darin says, "Hey I know that guy. He was on the mission with me. He was an AP." If you have seen the movie, it is the home teacher that was wearing the red shirt. It's not everyday you watch a movie and see someone you know! I loved how they kept referencing other movies that the actors had been in (RM, Saints and Soldiers etc.). Funny!

So there are a bunch of movies that I want to see that are either coming out or are out. We used to have MVP with Hollywood, and I've missed it!

Violet had her friend birthday party today and man, did she get spoiled. The girls did a little scavenger hunt/detectiving. They solved a mystery. Opened gifts, had cake and ice cream and played. I think that the girls had fun. I know Violet did. I took a funny picture of them with their "disguises" on. I'll post it when I can.

Myra can roll over now. She is growing up! Boo Hoo.


Mike & Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday to Violet!!! Becky was telling me that she was having a hard time because Brinley wasn't a baby anymore...I kinda understand missing all the baby stuff...I don't think we got to enjoy her enough because of all the trials and times at PCMC, I pray for much health no matter her age!!! I'm trying to turn her into a tom boy but she likes to shop to much already, I think I'm in trouble.