Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I need a new brain

Sometimes I am sure that I have used up all of my brain cells. What with Elaine and her medical issues/meds/appointments.....Being pregnant 4 times I think has also killed them off....and the lack of sleep for the end of a pregnancy and the first like 6 months of my babies life have all taken a toll. It is embarrassing when I have moments that prove this theory.

A couple of days ago I pulled out my sewing machine to start working on some more baby blankets as I was down to one and there are several people I know about to have babies. So I set up the machine, re- threaded it and began to put int he bobbin, and I could not for the life of me, get the darn thing to work. I could not get the machine to, when turning the knob on the side, to more forward. I had no problem going backward..but wouldn't go forward. After messing with it for a while, I called my mom, who can usually help me solve everything.

So I explained my dilemma and she suggests I call my Grandma Crook, how is like a car mechanic for sewing machines. She likes to take them apart and put them back together to see how they work. This was new news to me which I chuckled at! ;) So I gave her a call and she first inquired to the age of the machine. Only 3 or 4 years old, bought new. OK, she gave me several ideas to check. I checked for jammed string, couldn't find any, I checked the needle to see that it was in correctly. Check. I checked the foot. It was fine. I checked the back stitch lever to see if it had somehow stuck. I had no way to really tell. It looked like it was working fine to me, but obviously, what do I know? No brain cells, remember. Eventually I get around to checking the top where you wind the bobbin. Low and behold, that had been switched on. I but it back and WOW, my machine works. Amazing, and boy did I feel dumb that I could figure that out. Thank heavens for grandmothers who know it all!

I know I have been tagged for a couple of things. I'm planning on getting to them soon...I think. Plus, the "who am I " poll closes today and I know my dad in anxious to see the results. He thinks he is correct, but we shall see....


Noni Andrew said...

What a great story. I just have to give it a little chuckle. It is so hard when you are in a hurry and time is clicking by and things are just not working. I have been there so many times. Your brain cells haven't gone you are just in a hurry. Laugh it off now that it is fixed. You are doing great. Love you