Friday, February 1, 2008

Last Week

So, a couple of things, last week during the passing of the sacrament, Violet was quietly singing "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus." I thought that it was the cutest thing ever!

So during the talks our Bishop got up and left the meeting about four times. A couple of times he had his phone to his ear, and one time he took one of his counselors with him. Come to find out there was a mentally unstable man who lives up the Canyon in the back of the cultral hall (which is open because we need the seating). He is dressed not church clothes - no biggie. But he hadn't been taking his meds and was talking to himslef, saying things like, "There sure are a lot of people here!. I could do a whole lot of damage." He was plotting something in his mind. A couple of families got freaked out and left for home. People in the ward know this man and could tell he wasn't taking his medicine and were able to get him the help he needed. I guess that is a pretty good reason to keep walking out on Sacrament Meeting. A little scarry, but nothing happened. Definitly better than the week the toilets didn't work (we only have one set) and kids were peeing their pants. Not a fun day in Primary!

Sorry if things are mispelled, but the spellchecker isn't working for some mysterious reason, and I cannot spell to save my life! Tomorrow Vi has her little party with her friends. I'll post pictures!