Friday, February 8, 2008

The poll

Well, it looks like it was me and one other person (jen) to answer correctly. I admit that I may have had an unfair advantage, but that's the perk to voting on my own poll. Ashton has been saying that he wants to be an astronaut. I think this stems for the Buzz Lightyear obsession. He has also informed me he will be having a rocket ship birthday cake/party. Funny Boy.

So, I am a little worried about who will be leading our great nation after the elections. McCain is an old fart! I don't even think he will live through the election, let alone 4 years in the White House. Hillary is a joke. So, I don't know who I want running things. Tough choices.


jenerekfamily said...

I have to say - I ALSO voted Astronaut in the poll.

Melissa said...

Sorry for that oversite. I can't read apparently! Good job!

Janice said...

Please tell me you are not thinking of voting for Obamination!!!! You will be out of the family!!! (like that's a threat lol) I know how your are feeling. John McCain is an old fart. Maybe he'll pick a good running mate so we can have a good president when he croaks. I went with the safe answer in the poll, I figured that even if he wanted to be anything else he would want to be a dad.