Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The polls are in!!!

My dad has been asking me about everyday... Is the poll over, because I want to know the right answer. He and my mom are certain that the chose correctly. How could they not know their own grandchildren, right?

This is MYRA taken recently while she was playing on the play gym.

This is a picture of ELAINE taken when she was about 6 months old. She is wearing clothes that currently fit Myra.

This is VIOLET on her blessing day. She is one month old and being held by her Great Aunt Donna.

Yes, this is my boy ASHTON. It was right before his first birthday. I made Darin wait to cut his hair. He has always loved his food!

So, in this poll the Majority ruled! It was the last answer. Sorry, mom, dad, Joshua, Renee? and anyone else who guessed incorrectly. You need to spend more time with your grandchildren, nieces & nephews (or how ever you are related!). I was right, it was way too easy! I have another new funny - well to me anyway- poll coming soon!


Noni Andrew said...

Iguessed them, but Ashton's picture through me off because I had never seen him with long curly hair and in that picture he looked so much like Violet that I thought you had put Violet in twice to trick everybody. What a fun game. You have such cute kids. I guess you already know that. Love you guys