Thursday, February 28, 2008

We are the Champions, My friends!!

You should all be singing that song, in your heads right now, thinking about ME!!!! I am so stoked that the team I played on was UNDEFEATED in our division for the Nebo Volleyball Tournament. We played Wednesday and Thursday. I played with my friend Jennie's team since they had lost a couple of players. It was an adjustment playing with new people and with a strange rotation. I eventually got the hang of things and we rocked! We got tee shirts which are actually rather cute. I wore mine today to volleyball at the church. I am excited we played so well and that we had a lot of fun! Go Us!

In other super exciting news, my order from Target came today. They had a bunch of super cute dresses on clearance ($10-$15). Most fit well and are so fun. I haven't had new cute church clothes for a while. Hurray for great deals! And the sun is out. It's supposed to be so nice and warm on Saturday, I can't wait. We are taking the kids to get their pictures taken on Saturday. I hope Myra is less cranky from her shots by then.
For Clarification on the Quiz to the right. The Melissa A. is not me, but was actually Darin taking the test but I had forgotten to log out. Oops. Way to go you 100% ers. I think Renee had some help though. Maybe not. And Jacki (who scored 0) we need to hang out more, obviously you need to come over and at least look at my house ;) !


Ryan and Jacki Andrew said...

I thought your house was white with blue trim. But I guess I was wrong.