Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I think that as a mom, we come to expect less for our birthdays. I'm not meaning by way of gifts, just recognition. Yesterday was a pretty mellow day. We are still down one car. I get to try and coordinate a pick up but I can't take the kids because all their car seats are in the van which Darin has at work.

Since we couldn't go anywhere unless we walked, our day was, slow. Violet was having a tough time minding yesterday. I don't know what is up with that. We walked to Volleyball in the morning. Played. Walked home. I got Myra fed and then we had a picnic in the back yard since the sun was out. Ashton didn't eat anything, but managed to get a nice scratch on his eye. :(

I did dishes and cleaned my house, did laundry. My visiting teachers came over and visited with me. They called a few minutes before they were coming over.

I had told Darin the day before that I would like Nachos for dinner. We had bought a Birthday Ice cream cake the day before, so that was taken care of. I got a couple of phone calls and some e-cards. I got a card from my parents, in-laws and Charlene in the mail. Thanks guys! The best thing that I got in the mail was two of my rebates! Woo Hoo! $35 is always nice! If anyone is interested in more info about these rebates, let me know!

Anyway, Darin had called me while I was at volleyball and kind of bummed me out (you must know that he has completely forgotten my birthday before, and he is making improvements every year). I had to remind him to tell me Happy Birthday before he left. He said, "I almost remembered." Then he called at volleyball and said that he had to work late either that night or Wednesday and was calling to see which one was better. I was floored that he even had to call and ask. It made me sad that in a few hours he had forgotten. But he surprised me with roses and chocolate bars when he came home from work, along with dinner. Thanks Darin!

Deann came over with a peanut butter and chocolate pie. Yummmmm. I also had a visit from Melissa. After we ate and did cake I left for my Primary Meeting. There was cake and Ice cream there. Then I watched a movie when I got home. Darin was sleeping. It was a pretty good day.

I'm looking forward to Disney on Ice on Friday. Myra ate sweet potatoes yesterday and loved them. Too bad she pooped twice last night and woke up. I let her cry back to sleep once during the night....Maybe that's progress?

Happy Birthday to Jacki! We had a lot of fun when we went out on Saturday!