Monday, March 3, 2008

Old Gas Man

Just a little funny:

I was filling up my van with gas, which is a very painful experience. I don't know why the stations think that if they set the pump slower, it wont seem like you are spending as much. Anyway, I'm standing there, waiting eons for my tank to fill. There is an elderly man across the pump from me filling up his car while his wife sat inside (in the warmth). He turns to me and says, "It sure is a hell of a day when one has to take out a bank loan, just to fuel up his vehicle!" I agree and we talk a bit about the outrageous prices, oil industry and greed. He was just getting so worked up about it while he waited for his gas. He had to talk to someone about it, and I was there I guess. It was pretty funny. I still laugh thinking about it!

Happy Birthday Deann, you old fart!


Becky said...

It's always an adventure when random strangers feel the need to share things with you . . . it usually ends with me laughing about how random and awkward it was.