Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Right up my Alley

We had Enrichment last night, and I got to dress up! We had a woman come and speak to us about fashions from the past. It was so much fun to learn about the old underwear and different things that were done in those days. She kind of did a 100 years of fashion show. She also shared a lot of stories from her families past. There were old love letters, and dance cards and purses. The announcement for the meeting said to dress up vintage, so I did. I wore (barely) one of my vintage 50's dresses, along with a vintage 50's pink hat and some vintage gloves. I also wore my saddle shoes which were not vintage, but will worked. I had lent some stuff to a friend of mine, so she dressed up too.
I think one oft he most interesting things that I learned was about how beauty parlors used to give permanents. The would use electricity! Scary! If you moved (like in a story she shared of a 5 yr old girl) all your hair would come off. Crazy! And so dangerous! Anyway, I loved it and was in seventh heaven. It was great to visit with her and look at all of her dresses. She had from Betsy Ross era up through the 70's. So fun. And dinner was great too!


Brynn Eastman said...

I need to see a picture of you dressed up.

Jenny said...

I agree. Which one did you wear?

Melissa said...

Bummer, I don't have a picture! I wore the pink and grey one. The only one I was remotely comfortable in. Time for new dresses! :)